Come Sevenfall ToC





Number 7 is smart for a boy who’s only been alive for two years, but he’s never been free. Locked up in a high security research facility run by the organization, Pandora, he has only ever known the life of an expensive human experiment. Pandora’s aim is to create an evolved superhuman for military purposes, and you guessed it, Number 7 is anything but ordinary.

When WWV breaks out in 2236 CE, Seven has to deal with the pressures of war along with the pressures of growing up too quickly. But, what happens when the war is over? What happens when the world ends?



Chapter List

Chapter 1: Pandora’s Boy

Chapter 2: Blood Wode

Chapter 3: Pain and Cake
(or Paincake, like my friend thinks. :9 Take your pick)

Chapter 4: Biscotti

Chapter 5: Paradise for the Insane

Chapter 6: Pikeman’s Pass

Chapter 7: The House of Roses