They Call Me Incomplete

Trying a new story idea. Thought it’d be cool. Set in Aurogway, same as the second half of Come Sevenfall. Different characters though. The story lines might influence each other a bit, but not enough for you to have to read both of them.

Here’s a link to the language dictionary if you need it.


Runic weavers are the mages of Aurogway. They can manipulate the laws of the universe with just a flick their hands. The thing is, to be a weaver, hands are essential. That is what everyone thought, until a simple boy from a small village in the middle of nowhere proved them wrong.

“Av’ene. That is my name. Less of a name, it’s more of a derogatory term that literally means ‘incomplete’. The adults call me that. The kids just call me Armless.”


Teshijz’e (chapter) One