Characters of Come Sevenfall

A character page for the characters in Come Sevenfall. I will work on it slowly as I introduce all the characters. It’s up to you if you want to read the spoilers or not. I didn’t want to give too much away. It’s mostly just the general setting, but it’ll gradually fill up as I write more.

If you have questions about the terminology, go here to my dictionary page on Aurogway.

WARNING: Contains Major spoilers. Read at your own risk.





Number 7 – A young boy born in the secret headquarters of Pandora. With white hair, pale features, and green eyes, he is the clone of Alicia Whitehill. He was an experimented upon as the subject of superhuman enhancements. Supposedly, this project was commissioned the United Social-Communist Union to bolster their People’s Army with super soldiers against the Confederate of North America in the arms race just before World War V.

Alicia Whitehill – Daughter of the 17th president of the Confederate of North America. She was kidnapped by Pandora after they found out about her unique genetic mutations and potential to be used as a means for research into super human modifications. Not long after her kidnapping, she died, and her DNA was used to create seven clones, most of which followed her into death shortly after their births. Her body was later used to incite World War V. Not much is known about her personality.

Sergeant Andan Bach – sergeant of the People’s Army sent be the USCU to monitor and train Number 7 as a soldier. Grand nephew of General Viscous Bach of the People’s army. Sent to Pandora to monitor project Whitehill as a punishment for his sadistic tendencies. Has some nasty hobbies and psychological problems. Associate at your own Risk.

Johan Hektate– The head scientist in charge of Project Whitehill. Supervised the creations of all clones of Alicia Whitehill, including Number 7. Likes the supernatural. Carefree.

Director Nero– The director of Pandora. Has dealings with the USCU. Serious and practical nature. Easily spots lies.

Julia Parkins – secretary and assistant to Director Nero, has an affair with Andan Bach that ends horribly.

Manti Johnson – Main caretaker of Number 7. Gruff.

Marcy Simmons -Psychiatrist. Responsible for Number 7’s mental wellbeing. Ditsy.

The Cakemen

Lex Palming- leader of the Cakemen Mercenary group. Often called Princess by his men. Rescues Seven from Pandora, and has a close relationship with Seven. Fun loving and impulsive, but has real skill when he needs to. Favorite weapons: grenade launcher and flame thrower. Unaffiliated with any country.

Mevin Poal – Second in command of the Cakemen, and also a technician. Serves as the brakes for Lex, and considers Lex his personal hero. Very protective of his captain. As a result, he hates Seven whom he considers too dangerous. Tends to hide his feelings.

Special Operations: Lex Palming(captain), Mevin Poal, Rowan Grovenski: third in command and martial artist, Gen: Swordsman.

Close-range combat group: Froi (captain), Josem, Sven, Blick, Heva

Mid-range combat group: David (captain/dead), Basalt (twin), Venny, Tegan, Caleb

Long-range combat group: Deheu (captain), Basilisk (twin), Klark, Oliver (dead)

Home Base: Offa (helmsman), Juleka (mechanic), Yra (Field Medic): she is placed in any group when necessary and is married to Lois, Lois (Doctor), Howll (Equipment Mechanic), Barry (cook)



Evan Allen Stinoch – Inventor of the proton bomb. A national scientific researcher of the neutral country of New Poland. Fled to the CNA for asylum.

Ahmed Mubai – Mob boss of the Camilla Mafia group whose primary good is military weapons. Controls a good portion of India. Is indebted to Lex after Lex saved his life in the past.

Jacob Toulene – Information broker. Had dealings with Lex that allowed him to find Seven but in turn also left him in the hands of the People’s Army. Is interested in and persuing Seven.

Specialist Gahara Vedic – part of the Wall organization. Allowed Lex entry into India.

Mad Dog – Vice Captain and Platoon leader for Ravaging Pain Marauders Incorporated. Was part of the ambush that Toulene set up for the Cakemen at Pikeman’s Pass.

Jace Harding – Mubai’s go to assassin and right hand man. Has similar skills and martial expertise to Rowan.



Number 7 – As the world comes to an end, Seven finds himself in the sixth dimension, a place where he meets an enigmatic dimensional fish named Beta Thet. Shortly thereafter, he finds himself in another world.

His powers include seeing in multiple wavelengths and being able to manipulate them to a certain extent. After he discovers a partial rune for gravity, he has some control over his own gravity. His power increases as he travels to the sixth dimension, where in his rune becomes a plenary rune.

Beta Thet– Dimensional fish of the sixth dimension.

Noel – a yat.


Min Tn’rek

Daelarq Aboria Wyregn– a prince and a yat of the Wyregn clan. Younger brother to Raus. They have the same father but not mother. His mother was an Aborian princess that married into the clan due to political reasons. She is not a yat, and as such, bring only a half yat, Dae was often builled as a kid. He hates people who take advantage of others.

Raustag Kadre Wyregn– a prince and a yat of the Wyregn clan. Is very protective of his half brother. Has an upright nature and promotes justice.

Keita Haru

Tsukushiro Ro

Liam- Raustag’s Wyrm. Has a playful attitude and loves Poke fruit


Jayven Uuralic

Lord Morrik of Urrunshir

Jorov B Cormin

Marcallo Sift