1.3 – Luck of the Draw

There’s nothing much up there in the Rhew, yet for some inexplicable reason, so many find themselves drawn to it. The wide expanse of nothing miles upon miles; the forever long nights and the days that last seemingly but a moment; the colors of the sky as the ribbons dance; all of it sets a man freer than any other place. It’s a good place to die.

–  Marivan to Dunal


I woke up. It was annoying how simple it was waking up, like switching on a light bulb–not that I know what a light bulb is. I feel like there should be something more to it, a slow rising to awareness that’s just not simply there anymore. Why do I feel like I changed so much? And where do all these weird terms like light bulb or blizzard or igloo come from? It’s not something I can solve at the moment, though. I’m awake, and that’s that.

Moving on…

Now what? I’m out of that dangerous situation, thank goodness, but I’m a little lost. What should I be doing? I look around for inspiration. Oh, there’s a blue screen floating in front of me. I wonder why I didn’t notice it before. I’m not that introspective… am I?

The mightiest kings of old ruled not by force, but by simply being. – A Ruler’s Almanac 

Congratulations! Your influence grows. One day your domain will be as vast as your eyes can see. Everything will bow beneath your light.

[Influence II]: You’ve dominated your spawning room. Creatures will now fall under your influence faster. (1% to creature conversion rate)