2.1 – Bone-Faced Worg

Canis Osvultus, or the bone-faced worg. Often colloquially called a skulldog or a skullwolf, the bone-faced worg is smaller than its worg cousin (Canis Vargr). Hardier in nature than true worgs, with notable regeneration, the bone-faced worg is a often difficult enemy to face. Bone-faced worgs are characterized by dark brown to black fur with little to no fur on their faces–creating a skull like appearance–as well as what many have said to be glowing red eyes. 

– Compendium of Monsters, 778


Some may call me an angry man. They’d be right, and they’d get a broken arm for it. It isn’t my fault my father is Curo Llid. The Curo Llid, greatest wall commander in all the Seven Sisters. Ha. People talk about him like he’s some kind of hero, all because twenty years ago, he managed to drive off a dragon. It was only a lindwyrm.

What’s so great about driving off a lesser dragon? Killing it would’ve been better. People who disagree with me can shut their trap, or I’ll shut it for them. Sure, tell me I have anger issues. If you have a problem with that, you know where to find me: Third stool from the wall at the bar of the tavern The Lamia’s Scale, located in a worse part of Celaeno.

Tonight, I’m on my third mug, and the thing I hate most right now is being disturbed, with my father as a close second.

“Dicter! Dicter Llid! Is Dicter Llid in here?” I studiously ignore the man, but my fist tightens around my drink. Whoever it is stomps into the room and asks a regular the same question, then continues his floor-bruising march in my direction. A hand slams down on my shoulder.

“Are you Dicter Llid?”

“Tsk. Can you be any louder?” I can feel the man scowl as I stare into the amber liquid of my drink.

“Are you Dicter Llid?” He repeats.

“What’s it to you?”

“Your father is Curo Llid?” I nearly punch him then and there. This man. My taboos. He did both. He interrupted my drinking, and then, he had the gall to mention my father to my face.


1.10 – River of Souls

There’s something different about the System than it was in times of old. Long ago, the ancients made use of the System to create massive civilizations that spanned continents, each city a piece of art more wondrous than the next. Now, we are little more than tribal beings, content to war with our neighbors. The System used to inspire to create, to reward those that did. Now, it rewards senseless slaughter for something as little as experience. We used to be one people no matter the race. Now, we fight brother against brother. What caused this change?

– Petra, The Sage of the Wild


I need rejuvenation. I need to see the sun. It’s been too long. I think I’m getting winter depression. If my internal clock is right, though, it won’t be up for another four hours. I content myself filling in the other half of my garden with silt. It doesn’t take long, and I figure out that I can add bits of |aura of warmth| to hopefully help my plants grow. And grow they have! The banana sprout has grown. Little leaves are poking out of the soil.

And the lichen, my lichen. It’s completely ignored the soil in the dish and latched onto the rock itself, looking like little grey explosions of growth. I give a little laugh. My plants are growing. Peace floods me. This. This is what I’m meant to do. Raising these little guys, protecting them. Giving them a safe place in this unforgiving wilderness. Grow well, little guys.

Then I growl, my happy mood dissipating instantly. Something once again has entered my domain. Really? I can’t even go two hours without something intruding? My fish swarm, sensing my agitation.

Little one! Little on! Call your guards off!


Yes, Little one. Call them off. I apologize for intruding once again. I have need to speak with Little one. 

“Fishies, let Ah’m up,” I sigh. Ah’m lumbers into my garden after a few minutes with difficulty. I almost laugh. The whale dog is covered in silk webs. Looks like Niko did his job. I’ll have to reward him later.

“Watch the plants.”

Plants? Ah’m looks at me in confusion. Ah, greens, little little greens. Little one has grown much to make greens. Much like land-dwellers. The whale dog swings its head around and grunts in appreciation at my plants. It’s then I notice there’s something hanging from its mouth that was covered my silk earlier. Is… is that a seal? Please don’t tell me it brought its lunch…

“Ah’m.” I jolt. The seal just spoke. It’s not dead? “Ah’m! Let me down already!”

“What? Why?”

See. I brought Land-dweller. Ah’m drops the seal and gives a grin of self-satisfaction, showing a mouth full of threatening teeth which I tried to ignore. Did it just call the seal a land-dweller? That makes absolutely no sense.

“Oh, come on, Ah’m,” the seal harrumphed. “How long have you known me now? Do you really not remember my name? Now, where’s this Little one that you wanted me to meet? I’d like to introduce myself, but I don’t seem to see her, though I heard her voice earlier.”

The seal suddenly stretched itself with its face pointing to the ceiling, and then something… happened. It’s skin spit straight down its stomach. That’s the best way I have of describing it. It was disturbing. I watched in rapt horror as two pale arms reached and lifted the head of the seal away like a like the hood of a coat. The thing stood up out of the seal skin, and I realized it was a man standing there with pale blond hair and dressed in various animal skins. He reached down and picked up the seal fur and draped it over his shoulders.

There. ‘Tis Little one. Ah’m gestured to me with its snout. What the heck just happened?!? (more…)

1.9 – Floundering in the Deep

I was thrown into this world, unsure of myself. I knew not where I was headed, or even worse, how to get there. Someone somewhere had a plan for me. Why else was I given the skills I have? I am no hero. Yet my path says otherwise. I am no savior, yet countless behind me I have saved. Where am I supposed to go in this world? What was it I was meant for? I feel a lack of satisfaction for everything I do. Here still I am. Here still I’ll be, floundering in the deep.

– The Melancholy of Annabella, 656


Okay, okay, okay. Evolution is a pretty crazy thing. How much can I evolve plants, then? I mean, look at how my sliver fish changed just from adding on |ice silk| as an attribute. I got a notification not long after it evolved that the attribute changed into a skill called [ice silk weaving]. Will all of them do that? How come I don’t have that skill? Is it because it falls under [ice manipulation] somehow. That makes it so broad…

Now that I’m thinking about it, [ice manipulation] is colored blue under my status. Some other things are colored blue, but none of my other skills. [Karma] is colored purple. Could the colors mean something? I haven’t thought about it before.

Colors are used to indicate the rarity of a status item:
Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Mythic, Legendary 


Oh, my gosh! That makes so much more sense now! So, the rarer ones are harder to get? And I’m assuming the rewards are better. Well, in most cases. [Karma] is debatable and |aura of fury|… well, it has some pretty obvious drawbacks. Man, now I kind of want a legendary skill. I wonder what kind of bad luck I’d have to go through to get one of those. No, never mind. I’d rather not get one.

Let’s think about something else. There’s too high of a possibility of jinxing myself. Yeah, um, let’s think of a name for mister gurnard, shall we? Um… Gurnard. Heck no! Flip the table! Can’t I do better than that? I mean come on! Even Fluffy is better than Gurnard. Niko? It sounds stupid. I think for a few more minutes, but I literally can’t think of anything better than Niko that doesn’t sound even more ridiculous. Am I really that bad at naming things? Really? Niko’s the best I can do? I’m sorry fishy.


1.8 – Eira and Evolve

What is the main difference between man and monster, for it surely isn’t the shape. Many races of man are more strange, more obscure, than some monsters will ever be. Is it intelligence, then, or perhaps the ability to cast skills. No, my dear sirs, that cannot be the answer, for how well documented are the strange beasts that come nigh unto man’s intelligence, as well as the various skills they employ. No, there’s only one difference, and that is a monster’s ability to evolve.

– Of Monsters and Men, 883


I need more silt. Also water. I need water. I had originally wanted to fill the other half of my garden-in-process with water and create sort of Feng Shui effect… I decided against it. It’d look funny. Let’s go with just more soil instead. Maximize planting space. I’ll create another room as a pond and resting spot for my fishies. Although they’re fine swimming in the air, I think it’d be better for them to be where they are naturally supposed to be. You know, underwater. Besides, plants also need water. I really need to figure out an irrigation system for my garden, but I have no idea how to get water that’s not salt water.

For my fishies, it’ll be fine, they live normally in salt water. Maybe I can send them to find some salt water plants under the ocean for their pond later, if there are any. But that won’t work for my lichen, I think. It’ll need fresh water, at least every once in a while since it’s already a hardy plant. But I’m still not sure where to get fresh water. Melting ice is an option, but I can’t really melt ice at the moment. Hmmm let me chew on this idea for a while.

I send some fish down the hole with the pots for more silt. I also create some more pots to send down for water, even though I can’t do anything with it at the moment. Maybe having some nearby will give me inspiration. While I’m waiting for them to come back, I start to think again.

I also need to find a more viable food source for my fish. It’s not really practical to keep sending them down the hole, not to mention dangerous. And I still haven’t figured out if they can eat plants. I don’t really think that lichen will cut it, though. If only there was a plant that grows meat. Ug! So many problems have begun to pile up recently. It’s making me wish for back when my life was simpler. It’s all the whale dog’s fault. Stupid whale dog.


1.5 – Monsters in the Basement

A little girl by the name of Nammy Tamage, age six, showed up at the Lindain Sheriff’s Office on the Eighth day of the month of Firr. She reported in great hysteria that the four other members of her family had disappeared. After an extensive search of the surrounding area with no clues as to the disappearance, Nammy was probed further for more information. She said, quote, “It came from the basement.” The Tamages have no basement.

– Report #1509 of Missing Peoples Section, Lindain


What the heck was that??? Did that just happen? Did that just happen? Did a freaking fat whale dog just burst through my floor and then turn around and leave without answering any of my questions? Okay, the thing answered a few, but not the important ones! I’m going to sue it! I am so going to sue it! Rude! It didn’t even fix the stinking hole! It totally ruined my home decor! Who wants to live with a hole in their floor. And don’t get me started on that less than ominous warning it said before it left. Nuh uh. Stupid whale dog. See how I’ll chew you out if you ever come back. Maybe put a hole in the floor of your house and see how you like it. Hmph!

But seriously, what am I going to do. There’s scary things beneath my floor. This gives a whole new meaning to monsters in the basement. And it’s not like I can just call an exorcist or move houses.

What the heck is an exorcist? Where do these sayings keep coming from, anyway? They keep popping up in my head randomly. Sorry, not important. Not to get distracted at all… especially in a moment of impending doom. Those seem to happen a lot recently. Sigh. I turned to look at the extent of the damage.

 Warning: You have created a second entrance to you dungeon that extends well beyond the reach of your domain that encroaches upon a high level area. You must be wary creating additional entrances, it is not well advised as once an entrance has been made, it cannot be closed.



1.3 – Luck of the Draw

There’s nothing much up there in the Rhew, yet for some inexplicable reason, so many find themselves drawn to it. The wide expanse of nothing miles upon miles; the forever long nights and the days that last seemingly but a moment; the colors of the sky as the ribbons dance; all of it sets a man freer than any other place. It’s a good place to die.

–  Marivan to Dunal


I woke up. It was annoying how simple it was waking up, like switching on a light bulb–not that I know what a light bulb is. I feel like there should be something more to it, a slow rising to awareness that’s just not simply there anymore. Why do I feel like I changed so much? And where do all these weird terms like light bulb or blizzard or igloo come from? It’s not something I can solve at the moment, though. I’m awake, and that’s that.

Moving on…

Now what? I’m out of that dangerous situation, thank goodness, but I’m a little lost. What should I be doing? I look around for inspiration. Oh, there’s a blue screen floating in front of me. I wonder why I didn’t notice it before. I’m not that introspective… am I?

The mightiest kings of old ruled not by force, but by simply being. – A Ruler’s Almanac 

Congratulations! Your influence grows. One day your domain will be as vast as your eyes can see. Everything will bow beneath you light.

[Influence II]: You’ve dominated your spawning room. Creatures will now fall under your influence faster. (1% to creature conversion rate)



1.2 – Bitter Cold

Take my hand, weather the cold
We’ll make it through
To that place, that haven
Safe, buried in the snow.

– From “Path of the Water Star,” Selkie fairy tale


It’s cold.

It’s so very cold.

The transition between asleep and awake is almost not existent. One second I’m arguing with an ostrich about whether stools or chairs were better for ridding on top of a hippo, and the next second I’m more awake and more cold that I thought I ever could be.

Cold? Why am I cold? I shouldn’t be cold. Where am I? It’s so white. Everything’s white. Has the world always been this white? I… I can’t remember. I had the feeling that it had been green… or brown… gray? I shiver. Or I try. Shivering is… shaking from the cold, right? I am freezing. Shouldn’t I be shivering? Goosebumps raising on my skin or something? But what are goosebumps? Skin is… the thing covering the body, soft, flexible… Mine… mine is hard and slick. That’s wrong, right? And white stuff’s beginning to attach to it. I don’t like it. I try moving, try to get the stuff that’s making me colder off. I stretch and strain with all my mind and… nothing happens.

Why can’t I Move?  This is scary. I’m freezing cold, no idea where I am, and can’t move. Someone Help!!!! Please! I don’t like being alone! It’s scary! And cold! And really I don’t know where I am and I don’t know how I got here or what’s happening and I feel like I lost something really important but I can’t remember what it was! I can’t remember anything!


1.1 – Reincarnation Force

The most dangerous, most unfriendly environments known to humankind are not the monster filled forests of Kith Kilan, nor the hostile Suon Kiin deserts to the south, for those a man might survive in if he is well prepared. No, the land that kills is the northern expanse: The Rhew.

Barmir’s Guide to the Unknown, 976 


I stare blearily at the two men in front of me, one of which is screaming cuss words at the other. My hearing’s going in and out, though, so I’m not quite sure what he’s saying. Not that it matters. Dad warned me about this. Warned me repeatedly, in fact. Don’t go kicking hornet nests. I give a weak chuckle, ignoring the cussing man gesturing furiously at me. Gosh, it hurts to laugh.

I had kicked open a big one. My luck’s run dry, and everything’s coming back to bite me. I shift my hand covering my stomach. It’s strangely warm compared to my other one. Random thoughts continue to swarm my head.

Eighteen years of running around, constantly trying to keep the stupid boys of my delinquent riddled school and neighborhood in check. Pride surged through me. I did done a darn good job, the best anyone could ask for. The stupid boys learned to avoid me and the girls under my protection, and if they didn’t learn fast enough, they got a broken nose and a mouthful of loose teeth for their stupid antics. I wasn’t gonna take any of their nonsense.


Chapter 7 – Page 4

Seven hadn’t been awake long before he was dragged out of his cage. He stood groggily as a collar and manacles were strapped on his neck, wrists, and ankles. He shook his wrists, causing the chain connecting them, long enough to brush the floor, to clink. A separate chain from the metal collar led like a leash to the man who woke him, a large burly man with more scars than face. The man tugged on the chain, causing Seven to stumble, and dragged the boy out of the room. A second, lankier covered in tattoos brought up the rear. Seven hadn’t noticed him until then.

Directly out side of the room was a long set of stairs. The burly man tugged him towards it and started up the steps. Seven tried to climb them, but the chain connecting his feet together was too short to climb up them at the pace the huge man was going. The man growled the second time he missed a step and hauled him up the rest of the stairs using the chain.

Seven’s feet barely touched the ground the whole way, and by the time they reached the top of the stairs, he was turning blue with his hands clutching at the collar. Seven was grateful that the man dropped him at the top of the stairs. He took great sputtering breaths as a meek looking man approached the burly one.

“Mr. Simmons wants him on stage in ten,” the meek man said gesturing to Seven.

The burly man scowled and said, “You think I don’t know that already? Why do you think I brought him out of that brackin’ pit. You know what? I’m done with this. You take it.” He shoved the chain into the meek man’s hands. “Come on, Jake, let’s go find ourselves a drink.” The burly man turned to leave. The tattooed man nodded and followed after him.


Chapter 7 – Page 3

“What are we doing here?” Lex leaned over to Ahmed and whispered. “Weren’t we going to storm the place?”

“And start a gang war?” Ahmed raised an eyebrow. “My good friend, you are far too anxious to be thinking clearly. My, my, what a papa bear you’ve become. I would have never guessed.”

Lex glared at him.

“Sit patient, Lex. In due time, you’ll have your son back.”

“How? You never said, just kinda rushed me out the door. And he’s not my son. Not really anyway.”

“Might as well be,” Ahmed coughed. “Mr. Palming, Mr. Palming. You should know by now that to me money is no object.” He rubbed the ruby on his finger. “Now let me say again, sit tight and in a bit, consider my debt to you to be finally repaid.”

Lex sighed as he shifted uncomfortably in the velvet seat and tried not to glare at the people around him.