Sjabajzid’e Dictionary

A dictionary of words and phrases in alphabetical order that I use and their pronunciations (closest approximate and in IPA). I also included the literal translation in parenthesis. Most of these are going to be nouns, which have ‘e as an ending. Many names originally would have the ‘e ending as well, but the practice has been lost it over time and the names have dropped their noun ending. You can tell a name is very old, or the people are conservative, if it still has that ending.


Ak’e {ah-kay} [akɛ] – noun – mountain
Av’ene {ahv-in-eh} [avɛnɛ] – noun- name taken from the adjective meaning incomplete. Given to an armless boy (not whole)
Av’ekne {ahv-ik-neh} [avɛknɛ]adj – incomplete (not whole)


Ba’e {baa-eh} [baɛ] – noun- human, people
Ban’e {baa-neh} [banɛ] – noun- more simply called Ban. The energy required to understand the formulas and laws of the universe, and the energy required to utilize runes. Comparable to Mana or Qi. (expanse)


Meavong {may-ah-vong} [mɛavoŋ] – verb root – to make complete (to become in such a way as to be whole)
Moan’e {mo-ah-neh} [moanɛ] – noun – River that runs through the Banderlund. Passes by the village Yato. (current)


Nuthak’e {new-thaw-kay} [nuθakɛ] – noun – volcano (fire mountain)
Nuth’e {new-they} [nuðɛ] – noun – fire


Sjaba’e {jaw-ba-eh} [ʒabaɛ] -noun- the people (many person)
Sjabajzid’e {jaw-ba-ji-day} [ʒabaʒidɛ] -noun- the language of the people (many people language)
Sjayato’e {jaw-ya-to-eh} [ʒayatoɛ] -noun- Another name for Banderlund, a forest (many tree)
Shijz’e {she-jay} [ʃɪʒɛ] – noun- book, a writing (from the root Shijzong)
Shijzong {she-jong} [ʃiʒoŋ] – verb root – to write


Teshijz’e {teh-she-jay} [tɛʃɪʒɛ] – noun- chapter (small book)
To’e {to-eh} [toɛ] – noun- existance, something alive


Yak’e {ya-kay} [yakɛ] – noun- earth/ dirt
Yato’e {ya-to-eh} [yatoɛ] – noun- tree (earth alive)
Yatoba’e  {ya-to-ba-eh} [yatobaɛ] – noun- woodsmen, lumberjacks (tree people)
Yatomoan’e {ya-to-mo-ah-neh} [yatomoanɛ] – noun- Villiage that Av’ene grows up in. Located in Banderlund on the Iburian side of the border. Also called Yato. (tree current)