Seren Ynys Online ToC




You have been chosen out of thousands of applicants to beta test the newest game from Blue Byd Inc. As one of the lucky few, you will have early access to what has been regarded as the upcoming VMMORPG of the century: Seren Ynys Online!

Your job, to play through the game as the hidden character race: Will-o-wisp. Throughout your play through. Note any and all glitches or bugs in the race’s system, the quest line, or the game world.

Caden enjoys video games, maybe a little too much. So, when he receives a letter from Blue Byd, his greatest wishes seem to have come true. Playing as a quirky and overly glitchy Wisp causes him more annoyance than anything else, but his world is turned upside-down when a nasty glitch gets him stuck inside the game with no way out.


Welcome to Seren Ynys Online

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Chapter List

Chapter 1: Open World