Rune Weaving

A page on how and why rune weaving (magic) works. Sorry, if it’s a bit lengthy. But first, to understand rune weaving, you have to understand the six dimensions.


-On Dimensions-

1st- a dot

2nd- a flat world, can be compared to a piece of paper.

3rd- Normal dimension that has height, width, and depth. Most living creatures dwell in this dimension.

4th- Time, often used as a highway to travel long distances through space.

5th- connects the Micro and the Macro, distorts the meaning of size. This means that an elephant is the same size as a bacteria and a red giant star in this dimension. Is useful as a storage space and pocket dimensions will open up here. Some speculate that the hanging tower actually resides in this dimension. Macro black holes will lead to this dimension. Time is usually stands still in this dimension when compared to the 3rd.

6th- a dimension solely where the laws of the universe reside. A record house for the formulas for how physical matter and energy behave. Nothing there has physical form. Everything is made entirely out of words. It is considered a library and a lost and found. Micro black holes open to this dimension. Seven meets Beta Thet here as well. Time does not flow properly here. Often cases of time travel will occur.


-Black Holes-

Macro Black Holes- Lead to the 5th dimension, except when the macro black whole is an enlarged micro black hole or a collection of several micro black holes. It will then lead to the 6th dimension. It is a rare case, and in such cases, that galaxy may end up having strange instances of large scale manipulation of physics. Aurogway is one such planet existing within a galaxy containing an enlarged micro black hole. People there can use “Magic.” Seven was the original cause of this phenomenon.

Micro Shifting Black Holes- Micro black holes that always move, popping up in random places at random times. They lead to the 6th dimension. Rune stones will leak from these places.

Micro Stationary Black Holes- Micro black holes that never move, leads to the 6th dimension. The Bermuda Triangle is one such black hole. Rune stones will leak from these places.

Portals- Formed when ley lines are distorted around certain crystallized rune stones, forming a wrinkle in space. Having more than one wrinkle will connect those areas. Other such dense pockets of energy will distort the laws of physics, causing it to behave unnaturally and causing animals to enlarge or mutate.

Lay lines –  the natural flow of energy in the universe.


-On Runes-

Formula- describes an aspect or behavior of a certain piece of the universe, like fire creating carbon dioxide.

Law- a package of all the formulas for a certain piece of the universe. It describes all aspects and behaviors of that piece of the universe. As the essence of that piece of the universe, it describes it perfectly.

Rune- A law or formula of the universe from the 6th dimension that is leaked into the 3rd dimension. It becomes crystallized upon entering the 3rd dimension, meaning it changes from words to having a form of some kind. The forms are not always the same. Causes ley lines to warp and physics to behave strangely. People can collect these runes and learn to manipulate the law or formula described within. Meaning if they had a fire rune, they can manipulate fire.

Partial Rune- a formula which someone has fully comprehended.

Plenary Rune- a law someone has fully comprehended.