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New Story

Hi guys, how’s it been with you? Sorry, I haven’t updated in a while. This is getting to be the busiest part of the semester, so I’m not sure when my next update on Come Sevenfall will be. I’ll try to get it to you soon.

As a side note, thought I’d try to take a little break from Come Sevenfall and try my hand at a new story. Come take a look at it. Seren Ynys Online ToC. I’ll be posting this one on Royal Road, like I did with Come Sevenfall. I’m hoping I can get far in this one.

I would sometime like to work on my other story, They Call Me Incomplete. I love the initial idea of it, it’s just sadly, I don’t have much of a plot line to work with on it. I’ll have to brainstorm and story board a whole lot before I can really start working on it.

Thanks for visiting me!!!!


Prologue: “The Ran”

Year 2085 A.T. – Belzol – Palace of the Lord Ran

The echoing footsteps disturbed Otega as he sat brooding in the dark hall. He steepled his fingers and pressed them to his forehead in an effort to ignore them.

“Lord Ran!” He looked up sharply at the running servant. Under the full force of his searing glare, the man’s tangled and he was sent sprawling into a trembling heap.

“Forgive this lowly one, my lord,” he said after gathering himself up.

“Speak.” {Otega} (more…)