short stories

23 Word Short Story – Freeze

Snow came early this year, a flash freeze. Everything was solid in an instant, including my husband.

I forgot I locked him out.



It wasn’t until just before dawn that the frost started to melt. The mist was still thick in places, and the birds had yet to awaken. All was quiet in the nippy air, and no one could be seen for miles and miles.

He sat still on the top of a little hillock, thinking of nothing in particular, watching the color slowly seep back into the world. Twilight still had its hold for the moment and would for a little longer it seemed.

His breath swirled in little clouds of fog as he watched the first ones appear around him, little tiny balls of green-blue light floating in the meadow that surround the hill. (more…)

“Fir Heather’s Ridge”

It took me ten years to find you, and I searched for you good. I’m sure it weren’t surprisin’ if you had heard it, ’cause I was tryin’ to bring back the jacket you lent me that night as a blanket, and you, knowin’ my character and all, it can’t have surprised you that I was wanderin’ all around tryin’ to find where you went after you left so sneaky like that mornin’.

Look here, though, I finally found you, but look at what you brought on yourself. Now I can’t give back your jacket. I’ll tell you though, how I found you all lonesome up here in Fir Heather’s Ridge.

Remember that town right below here? It took me a while, but I found a trace of you and followed it there. Hey, tell me what you thought when you came to that little town way before I did, back then with it’s broken watermill, and the windmill burnt down from the previous raid and all, the people sittin’ all depressed like on their porches, if they still had them. (more…)