The will of my people placed upon
me shall not break.
I will not be overcome.

My final stand is here.
My stance shall not change.
Till my dying breath I will not falter.
This is my dying ground and
not one shall pass while my heart still
beats within my chest.

This is my resolve,
my fierce motivation.
I will protect those that stand behind me
for they are worth protecting,
even if I must pay the final price.


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Spirit of the Swamp

Ghost in the rushes,
Please come out,
But only watch as we pass on by.

Forgive us for disturbing your long
And restless sleep. If you let us,
We’ll make our way carefully by.

Spirit of the swamp,
Please take no offense.
We give no pretense or lies.

It won’t be long, sir, and
We’ll be on our way once
The Lord Sun does fully rise.

Good day to you, lost soul.
We pray you find your way
With our offering of fruit and rye.

Thank you for you kindness
In staying your hand and
Only watching as we pass on by.


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Tides of War

Hold tight to your rafts, men.
We march at dawn.
This is war and
Tides change with the wind.
Make sure not to drown.

The sea is bloody red, men,
As far as the eye can tell.
It’s stifling and
Heat presses down like an oven.
Make sure not to get swallowed.

Change–it’s coming, men;
The chink in the armor.
It’s a break and
We’ll come surging through.
Make sure to not fall behind.

Look here. We’re alive, men.
We’ve fought through the night.
The sun is risen and
Help is rushing from our backs.
Make sure not to cry.


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Closed Eyes

Let me close my eyes and
Never more awaken them.
The things I’ve seen would chill you,
Let me see them no more.

There’s a dark side to this world
That it would better be without,
But the possibility that it could be,
I’ve never once seen it rise.

Pass your judgements on my slow inactivity.
Place your disgusted scorn before my feet.
But listen to what my aged eyes have seen,
And you’ll realize that maybe all along,
I’ve always had a truth to what was in me.

Many days, many places I’ve wandered,
The strangest of all being that place then.
Straight buildings in anger once broke the clouds,
Now are fallen down with a broken core.

Ghosts of that long ago past still haunting,
In envy forever wandering about.
Keep away from such places for
Souls are those ghosts’ longed for prize.


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Once, your eyes caught mine.
They glistened, they were so alive.
How is it, I went and wondered,
That you looked about to cry?

I reached out my hand this time.
My words just might make it right,
But maybe I just went and blundered.
Maybe I wasn’t meant to try.

There’s someone else for you to find,
Someone to help you when you cry,
To lift you up when you’re asunder,
Raise you up to fly.

You’ll know it. You’ll see a sign
When you meet your special light,
The one that every time will render
You breathless with every sight.

Little one, I wish you’ll be always fine,
Or at least just mostly alright.
I wasn’t able to be your defender.
It wasn’t meant to be my fight.

Love the one who to you is kind,
They will keep you from any plight.
Cherish the thoughts of the sender,
And find yourself within their sight.


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Type of Person

She was the type of person to hide her grief and pain.
Her smile was just that dazzling.
It turned your eyes away from what was underneath.
Yet every once in a while,
It managed to slip through.
Her smile would crack a bit.
It broke my heart when I first saw it.

She was the type of person that would cry for others
Much sooner than she would cry for herself.
I wish she could do it.
She kept everything bottled in
And only looked outward,
Ignoring her own pain to care for others.
It broke my heart when I first saw it.

She was the type of person to overwork herself.
She would push herself to the breaking point
Just to prove she could handle it.
I could only watch as she slowly wore down.
She was close to breaking,
I could feel it.
It broke my heart when I first saw it.

She was the type of person that couldn’t ask for help.
No matter how difficult, she’d push through it,
Leaving a trail of pieces behind.
She was beginning to lose grasp of herself,
So I began to pick them up for her.
That way, I could fix both our hearts
Now that I could finally see it.


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I want to make a play on prosody.
It’s of the semantic type.
I wish of you to fathom it,
With impressive amounts of strife.

You could provoke sincerity,
Or at least a rising sigh,
In someone that could stand it
With a single caustic try.

Say, “I demand my insecurities!”
As you command the hype,
Please, pleasantly ask the blame of it
To empower death in life.

To convict someone of sincerity,
To inspire do or die,
Just expand the ill effects of it,
Though, joy will set inside.

So, grab whatever chance you see
To make light of the positive side.
But, counter what’s deemed right and toxic,
And you’ll induce prosody to cry.


Guys, I find this interesting to do. Semantic Prosody is a little bit different than linguistic prosody. Look here if you’re curious about it. I was playing with the semantic prosody in several words in this poem, so it may feel a bit grating to read because those words don’t normally go together. It’s fun to do, so I might try this again. I would love for you to try playing with semantic prosody, too! I’d love to read anything you come up with ^^


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Desperation runs deep in my bones
And fills my every breath.

Run far away from here.
Run fast, but it’s never fast enough.

The fear comes to swallow me whole.
The sink comes,
A whirlpool
Dark and dreadful,
That pulls me down.

A tide of smothering heat
Rushes over my head and grips my heart.
I don’t know how much longer I can bear it.

This pain slips even deeper.

The burden breaks my body,
My weakness makes it light.
I loose my grip on the world,
My mind takes a flight.

I may have cracked,
But I’m no longer stuck inside.
I’m no longer shackled to my mind.

Let’s take a walk, shall we.


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When did my life view become so jaded?
When did it become so torn?
When did I stop trusting in others?
When did I become so worn?

Maybe it was when I grew older.
Maybe it was when I opened up.
Maybe it was when I found out
How easily people I know screw up.

Now, the future starts to scare me.
Now, it looks strangely bleak.
Now, I’m scared to move forward,
And about my fears, I can hardly speak.

How do I move past this?
How do I continue on?
How, when I’m scared of commitments,
Can I make a lasting bond?


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