This is a dictionary page about the world of Aurogway. It tells about the people, places, and animals of this planet, as well as other random facts. Will be continually updated as I get further in Come Sevefall.

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WARNING: Contains slight spoilers. Read at your own risk.


Av’ene’s Book of Terms and Terminology (Hurray for redundancy!!!)

-Continents and Major Seas- 

Nauuranga– Biggest continent in Aurogway. Locate in the east, it spans north and south. Contains the countries Nagastako, Ibur, Uuranshi, and Ingaa.

Kamida– Second biggest continent. Located Northwest of Nauuranga. Contains the two countries, Karakastan and Wabamida.

Bohem – Large island directly south of Kamida and southwest of Nauuranga. Contains the two countries, Aboria and Mohessa.

Yatlund Archipelago – A group of three major islands that houses the country, Yatlund. Located southeast of Nauuranga.

Kitoan Ocean – Ocean that separates Nauuranga from Kamida. Spans from Ibur to Aboria. Comes from the Sjaba’e word, Kiton’e, meaning “water star.” The cardinal direction for east, Kito, comes from this word.

Benkib’e Ocean – Ocean that separates Kamida from Nauuranga and the Yatlund Archipelago. Spans from Karakastan to Ibur and Yatlund. Is on the opposite side of the globe as the Kitoan Ocean. It has kept it’s original Sjaba’e name over the years, meaning “sun water.” The cardinal direction for west, Benke, comes from this word.

Banyava Sea – Sea north of both Nauuranga and Kamida. Filled with ice. The Banyava is the northern ice cap. From the Sjaba’e word, Bankiyav’e, meaning, “ice expance.” The cardinal direction for north, Banya, comes from this word.

Akiyava Sea – Sea south of Bohem and Nauuranga. Filled with ice. The Akiyava is the southern ice cap. From the Sjaba’e word, Akkiyav’e, meaning, “Mountain ice.” The cardinal direction for South, Akiya, comes from this word.



Diavaneri – City-state on the border of Ibur and Nagastako. Not affiliated with either country.

Nagastako- country located in the middle of the Nauuranga continent, bordered by Ibur in the north and Uuranshir in the south. Capital is Laylin.

Ibur – located north of Nagastako on the Nauuranga continent. Capital is Kasta.

Urranshir  – located south of Nagastako on the Nauuranga continent. Capital is Karshak.

Ingaa – located southwest of Nagastako and west of Urranshir on the Nauuranga continent. Capital is Lor.

Karakastan –  country located on the Kamida continent. Surrounds the country Wabamida. Capital is Mazatag.

Wabamida – located in the northeast of the Kamida continent. Surounded on three sides by Karakastan, while it’s east side is the ocean. Capital is Saman.

Aboria – located west of Mohessa on the Bohem continent. Many ice field, but has a large lake heated by volcanic activity and many hot springs. Has the unique feature of being a cold country that has a tropical forest due to the volcanic activity. The largest volcano in Aurogway, Mt Dekim, is located in this country. Capital is Muinta.

Mohessa – located east of Aboria on the Bohem continent. Mountainous, chilly country. Capital is Azmith.

Yatlund – the homeland of the yats. It was destroyed in the Morning war, the war between the humans and the yats. Many yats were taken prisoner and treated as slaves. Only in recent years has the country, located in the Yatlund Archipelago, started to make a resurgence in most place due to the efforts of the Wyregn.



Yat– a race thought to have originated from dragons. Often discriminated against by the humans of aurogway due to the unqiue horns sprouting from their skulls, as well as some occasional other lizardine features.




Wyregn- major clan of yats. One of the few that survive and prospered after the Morning war. They have managed to create a territory of their own. Humans don’t dare trespass due to the clan being Wyrm riders. Island of the Yatlund Archipelago.

Sjaba’e – ancient group of people known for their ability to rune weave. Spoke the language Sjabashijz’e. The people had a huge impact on every country in Aurogway, and their influence can still be seen till this day, but none seen more so than in the country of Ibur.  While their language is no longer spoken except in the learned circles, many of their words have inundated throughout every society. – side note, most countries have their own unique language, but for trade purposes, common is spoken throughout the world.



Diavaneri – City-State (See under Diavaneri  in countries)

Belzol – Desert city in Nagastako

Laylin  – Capital of Nagastako

Kian – Port in Nagastako

Kasta – Capital of Ibur

Uuralic – Port city in Ibur

Itvig – City in Ibur

Karshak – Capital of Urranshir

Lor – Capital of Ingaa

Mazatag – Capital of Karakastan

Katsgat – City in Karakastan

Saman – Capital of Wabamida

Azmith – Capital of Mohessa

Muinta – Capital of Aboria

Nek’Munnit – Capital of Yatlund



-Places and Landmarks-

Aurogway Major

Banderlund – Massive forest of old trees located on the border of Ibur and Nagastako.

Chesivic bay – major bay in the country of Ibur.

Nabian salt flats – located in southeast Karakastan, on the coast by the Esteroak isles, it is the biggest source of salt in Aurogway.

Esteroak isles – Group of isles on the southwest coast of Karakastan.

Rising islands – The ten major islands located spread out over the north  and north east of Nauuranga. Eight of the islands belong to Ibur, while the other two belong to Karakastan.

Mt Dekim – Largest volcano in Aurogway. Located in the country of Aboria. Is responsible for Aboria’s mixed climate systems.

The gell – A large peninsula in Nagastako that contains an unusual valley. Both are labeled the gell, since the valley takes up most of the peninsula. Sometimes called the Valley of Statues. The gell is covered by fog which only ever lifts for a short time during low tide.Over the years the gell fog has been classified as a runic animal due to its unusual characteristics. (See gell fog under Runic Animals)

Thousand mile crater – Ibur and Wabamida in ancient times used to be connected. Now a massive crater separates the two. It has long since been submerged by the Kitoan-Banyava straight, but at low tide, the rims of the crater become land bridges connecting the two continents. It is unknown if this crater was formed due to meteor impact or some runic phenomena.

briarford -great divide – the spire -Dragon’s teeth  -Eastland pines- belborough  – pyrbarrow –ydactic arch -Donagan’s hill –  The Wirr  – endless plains -The Syll – wandering cliffs – lost stones – gasglow –



Aurogway Under– (including Hanging Tower Prison Maze)

Hanging Tower prisons – Huge underground labyrinth thought to have been created by immortals. Spans continents, if one were able to find their way, one could walk from one continent to another. It has twelve entrances, but only one exit, all are one way portals causing some to speculate that the prison may be indeed be in another dimension.

Entrances appear in the major countries. More specifically, the countries built their capitals over these entrances. It is used as a place to put criminals. Criminals are given the chance to return to society if they find the exit at the bottom of the tower. So far only eight criminals have returned. They were given a single wish as a reward, but in turn must obey and fight for their country. They did not know that they are bound to their country upon exiting the tower. It is a tightly kept secret.

Architecture of prison is strange. It has ten levels, each going further into the earth. Each level is smaller than the last, and because the structure is suspended above a massive cavern spanning for miles, it resembles an upside-down pyramid. Often referred to as the Hanging Tower or Reversed Tower, inside most of the structures, such as stairs, are upside-down as well. Other structures are strangely placed on the walls or at angles and sometimes great chasms are come across randomly. Whomever built the tower had a very unusual taste in architecture, most of which makes little to no sense.

Pipework labyrinth – the pillars – angel’s tears  – greater and lesser clockworks – Cumyulow bridge – Gotgon’s breath  – bifrost ledge – horizon – the fallows – Giant’s steps – turn tables -The edge – Floating citadel -Obsidian desert –


-Runic Animals-

Gell fog – Fog that is best known for covering the gell except at low tide. Though it is found in a few other places in Aurogway, it never accumulates in such quantities except for the gell. One is cautioned not to stop moving if gell fog is encountered. A layer of condensation will quickly cover the skin and begin to solidify first into a jelly-like substance and then into a stone like material, in effect, turning a person into a living statue. Scholars have recently classified gell fog as a variant species of slime.

Koriyoak – quarter rats -Riplakelet – blood wolves – Carnivorous conifers – Rektivikt – elephant horse -Hieyaei – rock lizard -Tempest wraith – tiger monkey -Skoar – t’nar – gnuht -Leilongu  – silmarten -Cicada and its foxes – Wyrm  – nyopimsy  -Pillar grims and giests – Bijeu – donagills -Sliver fish – Gotgon-Colander imp – slime


-Materials and Plants- 

Pearl gold – Amber wood – Magma steel – micchalis – Crystis – iron thorns-Bosium – avelium seeds – Poke fruit -tsurria  – ickarah