New Story Again…

Ug. I have the ideas for my two other stories, just not the motivation. I’m a horrible person, aren’t I? At least with my release schedule. I doing it mostly for myself anyway, so yeah, motivation to write is definitely an issue. And free time is more distracting than I thought it’d be.

So, once more, taking a break from the other two. Seren Ynys Online is going to take a while to get it going anywhere. I just don’t have as much brainstorming on the plot line as I do with Come Sevenfall. Plus that kind of plot line requires so much mechanics to it that I haven’t gotten to. Come Sevenfall has had years just floating around in my head, and when compared to that, Seren Ynys just falls flat on its face.

Of course I’m going to work on both of them, I just felt like I needed a refresher. Something with a little bit of a simpler story line, with not so many rules, or at least simpler ones, to the world. So, solution: Haven in a Dangerous World. And… I just like dungeon building stories. hehe.I’ll be posting this one on Royal Road, just like I did with Come Sevenfall and Seren Ynys.



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