Character – 1.2

Welcome to Seren Ynys Online

I blinked. It was a lot take in. Even though it was just the log in screen, it was almost overwhelming how intense the colors were, dyed mostly with a particular blue I felt I could almost get lost in if I stared at it too long. It really was unlike any color I had seen before. How did they make it like that? Blue Byd. It was like they did the impossible: inventing a never before seen color. Heck, I really don’t think that is possible. Haven’t they already filled in the color wheel?

I shook my head before I sunk any deeper and blushed when I realized my jaw had been open the whole time. This wasn’t time to appreciate colors. There were more exciting things to do. Like character customization. I flushed with excitement and turned my attention back to the screen.

New Game?

Press ⊗

I frowned, fumbling with the right controller to press the button. There were two, each with its own joystick. The controllers shaped comfortably to your hand with a bit of memory gel, buttons within easy range of all five fingers. It felt like a mixture of a computer mouse and a flight stick. It wasn’t too novel of a design, but Blue Byd had optimized it.

The two controllers even linked together for those who wanted to feel old school. I had thought about doing that, since I usually play with a two handed controller, but I decided to go with two to try out something new. Already, I was having trouble but was feeling stubborn enough to keep at it.

I grunted when I finally got the right button. The screen changed, colors rushing in as it did.

Welcome to Account Login

Username: |             

I stared blankly at the screen with its flashing line cursor. It was then I remember just how bad I am at deciding things like this. I began to type.

Username: SoulCrusher|

Embarrassing. What was I trying to be, a Viking? I erased it and began again.

Username: HeartofEights 

Not really.

Username: N008|

Ug, please no. Why did I type that? I hated 1337 speak or whatever that was. It’s always hurt my head.

 Username: Maddog 

Not bad, but it sounded a little too psycho for me. Let’s try it anyway.

The Username Maddog has already been taken. 

Wait really? Wow. I was a bit surprised. Sure, it was a name that was bound to come up sooner or later, but not many people had played the game yet. It wasn’t open to the public. Well, let’s try again.

Username: Reigndeer876|

No, made me feel a bit too much like a kid. Was this really the best I could come up with? Ah, suck it. Might as well just go with my name and see if that works.

Username: Caden 

The screen changed after I hit ⊗. Wow, I was kind of surprised that worked. After Maddog, I didn’t think it would.

Prepare for retina scan. 




Ah! That hurt! What the heck? I was distracted for just a second and then I’m freaking blinded by a red light. What was that?

Thank you for your patience. Your account has been created. 

Retina scan will take the place of a password for your account. To change this option, go to Account Settings.

Continue on to Character Customization?

Oh. Okay. But if it was going to blind me every time I log on, I might have to go back and change that option. Not right now though. I hit ⊗ again.

Would you like to use your Username as your character Name?

Yes ⊗ / No Δ

Huh, I was going along the lines that they were the same thing. I guess that Blue Byd was planning on releasing new games on this console. I pressed yes. This was beginning to feel like it would take a long time. I sighed.

Notice: Seren Ynys Online allows for a wide range of character customization utilizing the IronBird VR headset. However, if you would like to play the game with a Chorale Full Immersive Bed, we suggest you head to your nearest Blue Byd associate store to receive a full body scan to allow your character to be fully optimized to your body type. Playing otherwise may induce symptoms of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, bleeding from the nose, and/or severe headaches. Blue Byd is not liable if a player experiences these symptoms by choosing to forgo a full body scan. If you begin to feel any of the above symptoms, please contact Blue Byd immediately.

I blinked. That was interesting, to say the least. It made sense that your body would be thrown off playing full immersion with the wrong body specs, but still, did they have to make it sound so ominous? I briefly wondered why the full immersion system wasn’t advanced enough to handle the difference in player/character body types, but there wasn’t really anything that I could do about it anyway. But man, those were quite some symptoms just from playing a video game. Kind of scary, actually.

I pressed ⊗ again and watched as the notice faded away and was replaced by another screen.

Welcome to Character Customization

Male / Female

I messed with the idea of playing as a female, but then sighed. I didn’t want to have to start over as a new character when I eventually went in to Blue Byd’s office for a full body scan. Part of the job, after all, was debugging the full immersion as well as the VR headset. It was better to keep this character as close to my own specs as possible to avoid having to delete my progress later on. Male it is, then.

Choose a Race

Currently 24/100 unlocked playable Races

I whistled. That’s a lot of races that haven’t been unlocked. I supposed that Will-o-wisp was one of them. Twenty-four races in general is quite a lot in a game, and they went up to 100. Twenty-four male characters of different races showed around me in a circle. I scrolled through the races. There were eight race families it seemed, with various races under each.

Dynol: Human, Elves, Therian, Vampire, Huldra

Lycan: Satyr, Tengu, Adlet, Cath

Afanc: Draconian, Leviathan, Merrow

Magog: Orc, Troll, Giant, Oni

Knocker: Gnome, Dwarf, Goblin, Halfling, Imp

Dryad:  Fae

Djinn:  Gargoyle, Undine



Well, this menu was more confusing than I thought. I really didn’t know what half of these races were. There were quite a few really weird sounding names, not to mention how strange they looked. The Leviathan race, for example, were fishy humanoids with bony armored plates, webbed dorsal fins, glowing filaments patterned across the skin, and a mouth full of pointed teeth thick enough to crush bone. It really looked more like a monster than a playable race, but it was kinda cool that there was that option. It made the game already feel a lot more free than any other I’ve ever played.

After ruminating way longer on a race than I should have, almost going with Vampire, insecurity washed over me and I bashfully chose Human.

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  1. If this is going to be what every chapter is going be like, it will turn boring very soon. And honestly, what was the need to waste that many words on choosing a name before finally settling on his original. So god damn irritating.


  2. Also, you waste too many words on useless things. Way too many. Its boring. It made me skip words. Or rather sentences. Or rather entire paragraphs. It was that boring.


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