Month: April 2017

Chapter 7 – Page 4

Seven hadn’t been awake long before he was dragged out of his cage. He stood groggily as a collar and manacles were strapped on his neck, wrists, and ankles. He shook his wrists, causing the chain connecting them, long enough to brush the floor, to clink. A separate chain from the metal collar led like a leash to the man who woke him, a large burly man with more scars than face. The man tugged on the chain, causing Seven to stumble, and dragged the boy out of the room. A second, lankier covered in tattoos brought up the rear. Seven hadn’t noticed him until then.

Directly out side of the room was a long set of stairs. The burly man tugged him towards it and started up the steps. Seven tried to climb them, but the chain connecting his feet together was too short to climb up them at the pace the huge man was going. The man growled the second time he missed a step and hauled him up the rest of the stairs using the chain.

Seven’s feet barely touched the ground the whole way, and by the time they reached the top of the stairs, he was turning blue with his hands clutching at the collar. Seven was grateful that the man dropped him at the top of the stairs. He took great sputtering breaths as a meek looking man approached the burly one.

“Mr. Simmons wants him on stage in ten,” the meek man said gesturing to Seven.

The burly man scowled and said, “You think I don’t know that already? Why do you think I brought him out of that brackin’ pit. You know what? I’m done with this. You take it.” He shoved the chain into the meek man’s hands. “Come on, Jake, let’s go find ourselves a drink.” The burly man turned to leave. The tattooed man nodded and followed after him.



Chapter 7 – Page 3

“What are we doing here?” Lex leaned over to Ahmed and whispered. “Weren’t we going to storm the place?”

“And start a gang war?” Ahmed raised an eyebrow. “My good friend, you are far too anxious to be thinking clearly. My, my, what a papa bear you’ve become. I would have never guessed.”

Lex glared at him.

“Sit patient, Lex. In due time, you’ll have your son back.”

“How? You never said, just kinda rushed me out the door. And he’s not my son. Not really anyway.”

“Might as well be,” Ahmed coughed. “Mr. Palming, Mr. Palming. You should know by now that to me money is no object.” He rubbed the ruby on his finger. “Now let me say again, sit tight and in a bit, consider my debt to you to be finally repaid.”

Lex sighed as he shifted uncomfortably in the velvet seat and tried not to glare at the people around him.


Spirit of the Swamp

Ghost in the rushes,
Please come out,
But only watch as we pass on by.

Forgive us for disturbing your long
And restless sleep. If you let us,
We’ll make our way carefully by.

Spirit of the swamp,
Please take no offense.
We give no pretense or lies.

It won’t be long, sir, and
We’ll be on our way once
The Lord Sun does fully rise.

Good day to you, lost soul.
We pray you find your way
With our offering of fruit and rye.

Thank you for you kindness
In staying your hand and
Only watching as we pass on by.


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Tides of War

Hold tight to your rafts, men.
We march at dawn.
This is war and
Tides change with the wind.
Make sure not to drown.

The sea is bloody red, men,
As far as the eye can tell.
It’s stifling and
Heat presses down like an oven.
Make sure not to get swallowed.

Change–it’s coming, men;
The chink in the armor.
It’s a break and
We’ll come surging through.
Make sure to not fall behind.

Look here. We’re alive, men.
We’ve fought through the night.
The sun is risen and
Help is rushing from our backs.
Make sure not to cry.


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