Flushing Red – 1.1

I stared down at the box resting in front of the door to my apartment. With my foot, I nudged it and let out a sigh of relief when it didn’t move. Someone in the neighborhood had the penchant for leaving boxes of animals at my doorstep. There was one with a litter of kittens, one with at least eight pigeons, and the one with pit terrier.

The terrier… My arm tingled just thinking about it. It latched onto my arm the moment I opened the box, which sent me rolling down the stairs. It ended with a broken ankle.

I nudged the box again, just to make sure there wasn’t anything alive inside, then knelt down and examined it close. Sure enough, Blue Byd’s logo stood proudly on the box’s side.

Giddiness flooded through me. I blushed. My whole face turned red.

“Aw, Crap!” I covered my face with my hands. Why do I always do that?

“Ahem.” I looked up, my face still burning. “Sorry, I uh–Are you alright? You look like you’re burning up.”

“I’m fine. I just blush easily,” I said embarrassed. My face, of course, flushed even more. Trying to ignore the heat of my cheeks, I studied the girl standing in front of me. She looked around my age.

“Oh… Ah right!” she said as she dug around in her shoulder bag. “This is for you.” She handed me a box. I peeked inside.

“Chocolates?” I asked. I had thought my cheeks had calmed down. With this, they flared up again. A girl giving a guy chocolates?

“No! Sorry! I didn’t mean it that way! I just moved here and I thought it’d be a nice way to introduce myself to the neighbors… Dang it, Kat, now he probably thinks you’re a creep,” she said, flustered, her voice getting quieter and quieter. I scratched my burning cheeks and looked away. I probably wasn’t supposed to hear that last bit.

“Your name?”

“Huh?” she started. I coughed.

“Your name. What is it?”

“Oh! My name! Ah hehe, um, it Katrina. Everyone just calls me Kat, though. And yours?” She turned to me with an expectant look.


“Well, Caden, it’s very nice to meet you! Here let me help you up.” She reached out a hand towards me. I placed the chocolate box on my box and wiped off my hand to accepted hers. She pulled me up. I flushed a little at the contact.

“Thanks.” I’m surprised my face hasn’t melted off by now. Could this be a new record for how many times a person can blush in a minute? My face scrunched up at the thought. Was there any point in this conversation where my face wasn’t red?

“By the way, I’m kind of curious. Could you tell me what’s that?” She pointed at the box.

“It’s uh, a VR set.”

“VR?” Her eyes lit up. “For what game?”

“Um, Seren Ynys.”

“The one that’s supposed to come out next summer? How on earth did you manage to get it?” She closed in on me.

“J-job. I got a job play testing.”

“Oh my gosh! You are so lucky! I can’t tell you how jealous I am! Haha, that makes me sound like a gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I love video games! They’re amazing, and they look so much fun to play.”

“You don’t play any?”

“I’ve tried. Honestly, I grew up watching my older brother play video games. I’ve tried a lot to play, but every single one I just sucked at.”

“You sucked at all of them?”

“I’m not lying. Every single one.” Her wrist watch beeped. “Oh, hey sorry. I gotta go. I’ll show you sometime, though. Then, you’ll believe me. Well, I’ll see you later, Caden, and it was really nice to meet you.” She took off and whirled down the stairs before I had the chance to say anything.

“Bye, Kat,” I said to empty air. Cute. Wavy brown hair pulled into a messy bun, that hairstyle looks really good on her. And oh gosh, her dimple on her right cheek. She was really cute. I flushed and squatted down with my hands over my face again.

I sat there until my face calmed down. It always took longer than I wanted. When I no longer felt it burning, I stood up to glare at the heavy looking box. It was this thing that started my blushing streak today. I kicked it, only to hurry and check to make sure it wasn’t damaged.

Good. Doesn’t look like I hurt it at all. I let out a sigh of relief.

I unlocked my door and lugged the thing into my tiny living room, banging my foot against the cinder block walls.

“Ouch. Wait, where’d I put the scissors?”

I wandered around my apartment for a good ten minutes before finding them in the bottom drawer in the bathroom.

“Why the heck did I put them there? That’s got to be one of the weirdest spots.”

I rushed back to the living room and almost sliced my palm open trying to cut the tape on the box, but a few seconds later, I got the darn thing open. Why do they always make things so unnecessarily complicated?  

After that, put in the batteries, and I had a working VR set exclusively for Seren Ynys Online in my living room.

I pulled out the headset from the box and took it out of its plastic. It was slim and black with blue glowing lines curving around the edge, and it fit comfortably over the eyes. I handled it carefully.

Its specks were all over the news recently. Blue Byd came out with several demonstrations. It could simulate details up to 80% realistic. Add that to the built-in noise canceling, surround sound head phones, and things just got better. The wireless remote had a simple, intuitive design that made game play easy. The gaming community was hyped.

Everything is so sleek!

While not as cutting edge as their full immersion pod, it was clear Blue Byd had out done themselves with the VR gear. I could call it art. Then again, I’ll get to experience full immersion soon.

But enough of that, I grinned. Should I try this baby out? 

I put on the gear and sat back in the couch. The start up sequence began.




Welcome to Seren Ynys Online

I blushed.

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One comment

  1. This chapter was unnecessary it seems. All it did was introduce a new character [I am assuming which will turn into the love interest] and let us know that the MC blushes. Not a rather nice chapter. Kind of irritating to be honest.


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