Seren Ynys Online


You have been chosen out of thousands of applicants to beta test the newest game from Blue Byd Inc. As one of the lucky few, you will have early access to what has been regarded as the upcoming VMMORPG of the century: Seren Ynys Online!

Your job, to play through the game as the hidden character race: Will-o-wisp. Throughout your play through, note any and all glitches or bugs in the game world, the Will-o-wisp quest line, or the race’s system.

For each video you send in of your play time, you will be paid a base pay of $9.50 /hr of video time. Rates will be higher depending on gaming experience and progress in the game.

We will communicate with you via email and your biweekly visit to our office. While there, we would like you to run trials for our new Full Sense Immersion Set: Experience Seren Ynys with all your senses included!

Your complementary gaming equipment will come by mail within the next buisness week for your daily play time. Included with the VR gear is a step-by-step guide on how to acquire the quest line for the Wisp race. What you do after that is up to you.

As always, have fun, be creative, and enjoy the world of Seren Ynys Online!

Best regards for your game,

Dyfed Jones,  
Director and CEO of Blue Byd Inc.



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