Closed Eyes

Let me close my eyes and
Never more awaken them.
The things I’ve seen would chill you,
Let me see them no more.

There’s a dark side to this world
That it would better be without,
But the possibility that it could be,
I’ve never once seen it rise.

Pass your judgements on my slow inactivity.
Place your disgusted scorn before my feet.
But listen to what my aged eyes have seen,
And you’ll realize that maybe all along,
I’ve always had a truth to what was in me.

Many days, many places I’ve wandered,
The strangest of all being that place then.
Straight buildings in anger once broke the clouds,
Now are fallen down with a broken core.

Ghosts of that long ago past still haunting,
In envy forever wandering about.
Keep away from such places for
Souls are those ghosts’ longed for prize.


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