Once, your eyes caught mine.
They glistened, they were so alive.
How is it, I went and wondered,
That you looked about to cry?

I reached out my hand this time.
My words just might make it right,
But maybe I just went and blundered.
Maybe I wasn’t meant to try.

There’s someone else for you to find,
Someone to help you when you cry,
To lift you up when you’re asunder,
Raise you up to fly.

You’ll know it. You’ll see a sign
When you meet your special light,
The one that every time will render
You breathless with every sight.

Little one, I wish you’ll be always fine,
Or at least just mostly alright.
I wasn’t able to be your defender.
It wasn’t meant to be my fight.

Love the one who to you is kind,
They will keep you from any plight.
Cherish the thoughts of the sender,
And find yourself within their sight.


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