I want to make a play on prosody.
It’s of the semantic type.
I wish of you to fathom it,
With impressive amounts of strife.

You could provoke sincerity,
Or at least a rising sigh,
In someone that could stand it
With a single caustic try.

Say, “I demand my insecurities!”
As you command the hype,
Please, pleasantly ask the blame of it
To empower death in life.

To convict someone of sincerity,
To inspire do or die,
Just expand the ill effects of it,
Though, joy will set inside.

So, grab whatever chance you see
To make light of the positive side.
But, counter what’s deemed right and toxic,
And you’ll induce prosody to cry.


Guys, I find this interesting to do. Semantic Prosody is a little bit different than linguistic prosody. Look here if you’re curious about it. I was playing with the semantic prosody in several words in this poem, so it may feel a bit grating to read because those words don’t normally go together. It’s fun to do, so I might try this again. I would love for you to try playing with semantic prosody, too! I’d love to read anything you come up with ^^


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