Chapter 7 – Page 1

Seven woke up in a cage. His head ached and a very tender spot had formed on his skull. He felt like throwing up.

“Ugh.” His head blared at him as he used the bars of the cage to prop himself up. Bile crawled up his throat. He immediately put his head between his knees.

“Lex,” he said with a hoarse voice. His heart twisted. He wondered if he made the right decision. If he was going to follow through with it, he couldn’t rely on Lex. That would put him right back in the situation he was first in. But did he really want to do that? Finding himself suddenly without a way to see Lex, even though it was his choice that resulted in it, was hard to swallow. Loneliness washed over him.

He groaned. Thinking hurt. It made his head worse. He breathed in, trying to think of nothing, then nearly smacked himself as a thought popped into his head.

Meta-links. How could he forget something so simple! He could easily contact Lex. He reached out to grab some of the usual free floating waves, only to freeze. They weren’t there.

He jerked his head up, ignoring the flaring ache in his head. There was nothing. Not a single electromagnetic wave graced the room. Seven began to hyperventilate.

Where were they? They had always been there swirling around him in a bright array of colors. They had always been there. And now that they were gone, Seven was deathly afraid.

What did it mean? Was something wrong with him? Had they done something to him? What was going to happen now? Were they going to take him back to Pandora? Were they going to kill him? Were they going to throw away his body somewhere where no one would ever find him?

Seven sucked in air with great, heaving gasps. A second later, he blacked out.


“Lex, will you calm down already?” Mevin forced Lex, who had been pacing for the last hour or more, to sit down on the settee.

“But, it’s been thirteen hours since he went missing. Where is he, Mevin? Why hasn’t he contacted me? You know he can do that! Why hasn’t he? Something must have happened to him!”

“Just calm down! Panic won’t help anyone.”

“How can you so calm, Mevin? I should be out there searching, too.”

“You know perfectly the reasons why you can’t, and you’ll be no help to anyone in this state, least of all Seven.”


“Mubai’s got his men out searching. He’ll find him faster than anyone, so just sit there and wait.”

“Mevin, go out there and look for him, too, at least.”

“No can do, Hime. If I take my eyes off you for a second, you’ll disappear on me. Too many people are looking for your head for you to go searching wildly out there for Seven, Lex. And too many people willing to dirty their hands make a few bucks. You have too many enemies. I don’t want to find you dead in some alley way.”

“When have I ever lost in a fight?” Lex said, indignant.

“Only when you’re drunk.”

“I haven’t been drunk in eight years.”

“In the state you’re in now, you’re no better than when you’re drunk. You’re not thinking straight. Jeck, you might as well be drunk on worry with how you are now.”

“I am not.”

“Yes, Lex, you are. Now sit there like a good boy, and wait patiently for news to come! I will not have you run off like a madman! You know what? Get some sleep while you’re at it! It’s ten in the jecking morning! You haven’t slept at all!”

“I can’t sleep, Mev. Not right now. Not when Seven’s missing. Of all the kanted things, why did I let him go out there. It’s India of all places. This kind of madhouse, all alone…”

Mevin sighed. “Lex, you’re killing me. You’re creeping me out with how attached you’ve gotten with him. Even with all the reasons you’ve given me, it isn’t logical.”

“I don’t know, Mevin. Why do you keep bring that up? Why can’t you just accept it? Seven’s like a little brother, or, or… I don’t know! He feels like family! The only family I have!”

Mevin swallowed hard. A pang resounded in his chest.

“What, then, does that make me?” he said in an almost whisper.


“How long have I been with you, Lex? How long have I been right there by your side?”

“What? Why are you suddenly asking?”

“Say it! Say it, Lex! Have you ever once thought about how I think?”

“Mevin? What the roat are you talking about?”

“You’re not even considering how I feel, even now! What am I to you?! What are the Cakemen?”

“Your my best friend. All of you are.”

Mevin stood feeling the burning sensation flood throughout his body. His fists clenched by his sides. Lex stared at him with a confused look at his face.

“Mevin…” Lex said slowly, “you… you didn’t do anything to Seven, right?”

Mevin whirled around and punched through the wall. He pulled his fist out, grabbed the edges of the gaping hole and pulled, ripping out a large piece of plaster. He turned and flung it hard at Lex. It sailed past his ear and smashed into the wall behind him.

With ragged breaths, he stared as blood beaded out of a fresh cut on Lex’s face. Lex touched his cheek and looked at the blood on his fingers. He looked back at Mevin. The room became uncomfortable, and the only sound heard was Mevin’s breathing.

Mevin watched Lex for any sort of reaction, but Lex did nothing more. Rage crossed his face, and he spun around, stomping towards the door. He paused when he reached it and gripped the wooden door frame with his hand.

“So, you do care more about him than me,” he said in a quiet voice before disappearing out the door. Deep indents from his fingers were left on the door frame.

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AN- Someday, I’ll have to write a short story or something following Lex so you can see his and the Cakemen’s backstory. Hopefully, then Mevin won’t seem like such an emotional, jealous cry baby. For now, you’ll just have to accept him as he is. Just know there’s a lot more under the surface. ❤ Thanks for reading! ^^

Side note, it’s interesting what stress and change can do to a person.


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