Month: February 2017

Chapter 7 – Page 2

“Mevin, you roat. Why’re you acting all jealous?” Lex gave a tired laugh. “Aw kant. You’re making me feel like drinking again. How long you been there, Rowan?”

“I heard it.”

“Hey, tell me. Did I go about this wrong?”

“You could’ve done it better.” Lex laughed again. Rowan leaned back against the wall and stared at him.

“He had a point, you know,” Lex said, “about always there, helping me out and all. I took him for granted. I never knew he felt like that.”

“He’s three years younger than you. Ever since you saved his life in Hong Kong back when you just started as a mercenary, he’s always followed after you. He always says your his hero, but it’s more than that. I think he was longing for you to be his big brother.”

“Jeck. There’s no way I could have seen him as that. Not then. Even now, it’s…” Lex said in a quiet voice.

“That’s cold, Hime. What makes Seven different?”

Lex sighed.

“At first, I thought it’d be the same. Someone asks me for help. I get a hunch if it is real. A sense of urgency, and I can’t stop thinking about it until I help them. It’s always on my mind, and if I ignore it, I know I’ll go crazy. So, I do my utmost to help them, get them to safety, and then leave, not really thinking about it again,” he paused.




I want to make a play on prosody.
It’s of the semantic type.
I wish of you to fathom it,
With impressive amounts of strife.

You could provoke sincerity,
Or at least a rising sigh,
In someone that could stand it
With a single caustic try.

Say, “I demand my insecurities!”
As you command the hype,
Please, pleasantly ask the blame of it
To empower death in life.

To convict someone of sincerity,
To inspire do or die,
Just expand the ill effects of it,
Though, joy will set inside.

So, grab whatever chance you see
To make light of the positive side.
But, counter what’s deemed right and toxic,
And you’ll induce prosody to cry.


Guys, I find this interesting to do. Semantic Prosody is a little bit different than linguistic prosody. Look here if you’re curious about it. I was playing with the semantic prosody in several words in this poem, so it may feel a bit grating to read because those words don’t normally go together. It’s fun to do, so I might try this again. I would love for you to try playing with semantic prosody, too! I’d love to read anything you come up with ^^


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Chapter 7 – Page 1

Seven woke up in a cage. His head ached and a very tender spot had formed on his skull. He felt like throwing up.

“Ugh.” His head blared at him as he used the bars of the cage to prop himself up. Bile crawled up his throat. He immediately put his head between his knees.

“Lex,” he said with a hoarse voice. His heart twisted. He wondered if he made the right decision. If he was going to follow through with it, he couldn’t rely on Lex. That would put him right back in the situation he was first in. But did he really want to do that? Finding himself suddenly without a way to see Lex, even though it was his choice that resulted in it, was hard to swallow. Loneliness washed over him.

He groaned. Thinking hurt. It made his head worse. He breathed in, trying to think of nothing, then nearly smacked himself as a thought popped into his head.

Meta-links. How could he forget something so simple! He could easily contact Lex. He reached out to grab some of the usual free floating waves, only to freeze. They weren’t there.



Desperation runs deep in my bones
And fills my every breath.

Run far away from here.
Run fast, but it’s never fast enough.

The fear comes to swallow me whole.
The sink comes,
A whirlpool
Dark and dreadful,
That pulls me down.

A tide of smothering heat
Rushes over my head and grips my heart.
I don’t know how much longer I can bear it.

This pain slips even deeper.

The burden breaks my body,
My weakness makes it light.
I loose my grip on the world,
My mind takes a flight.

I may have cracked,
But I’m no longer stuck inside.
I’m no longer shackled to my mind.

Let’s take a walk, shall we.


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When did my life view become so jaded?
When did it become so torn?
When did I stop trusting in others?
When did I become so worn?

Maybe it was when I grew older.
Maybe it was when I opened up.
Maybe it was when I found out
How easily people I know screw up.

Now, the future starts to scare me.
Now, it looks strangely bleak.
Now, I’m scared to move forward,
And about my fears, I can hardly speak.

How do I move past this?
How do I continue on?
How, when I’m scared of commitments,
Can I make a lasting bond?


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The cacophony of sounds is overwhelming.
I am a ravenous rage.
Why does the world insist on loathing me?
What was it that I did?

The answer bubbles up within me,
And my phantom eyes pulse and twitch.
Ghost images appear
Though I have no sight.
I feel it.

It says I killed the world.

I killed everything,
What I both hated and loved.

Don’t look at me! the voice shrieks.
It was an accident!
It wasn’t something I meant to do!

I stand there confused.

When did I kill the world?
When did I destroy it?
It wasn’t me, I realize.
It was something else that did it.

Something else that invaded me long ago.


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There’s a cage around my home town
That’s supposed to keep us safe.
They built it high and wide and tall
So nothing could escape.

I found a way outside though,
And I thought I’d try and leave,
‘Cause nothing could be worse than here,
A place I cannot breathe.

Their stares are all but scalding,
Their words to me are hissed.
Each day I’m told worthless,
And shouldn’t here exist.

So, be sure I’ll take my chances
With the things that out there lie,
Than let them beat and mock me
Until I rot and die.


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Chapter 6 – Page 7

“Hey, Boss! You gotta visitor.” Ahmed Mubai jumped in his chair.

“Feckless brack! Jace! I told you never to do that.”

“Do what?” Jace said leaning against the door frame picking at his nails.

“Pop up outta nowhere like that. I hope you realize how lucky you are to be alive right now,” Mubai waved the laser pistol in his hand. “Could shot the base offal right outta ya.”

“No ya wouldn’ta. Ya love me too much.”

“No. Really. I hate you.” Mubai took out a cloth and began wiping down the gun.

“Ya keep me around, though.”

“You just happen to be hard to get rid of. If there was anyone else with better skills than yours, I woulda gotten rid of you long, long ago.”

“Speaking a people with skills, why ya never get Rowan on ya side?”

“Rowan? Rowan Grovenski? As in Cakeman Grovenski? Are you kidding?” Mubai grimaced. “He wouldn’t listen one bit to me. Too stuck following Lex Palming. Not that I hate the guy, jus’ he’s much too talented at finding good people.”


Chapter 6 – Page 6

“Woah! It’s so cool! How do they get it all to stay up like that?” Seven’s eyes sparkled as they climbed up to the first level catwalk.

“Skill. It’s all skill. Humans can build just about anything anywhere. How do you think that they got some rich kids living on the moon?”

“People are living on the moon?”

“Yeah. A couple years back, a few very rich families from New Poland and the CNA decided that Earth was in a hopeless state. They banded all their money together to make a colony on the moon. Been up there ever since. Nobody thinks they can last much longer though. The food shuttles aren’t cheap.”

“That’s just weird.”

“Yeah, I think so too, but I hear the swimming pool up there’s fun. Hey look at this.” Basalt pointed out a booth showcasing wrought scrap metal in the shapes of dragons and fighter planes.

“He made those?” Seven said pointing at the man behind the booth.

“Looks like it. Oh, over there they have handmade banjos! Always wanted one of those. They’re rare now days. Hang out around here. I’m gonna go get one,” Basalt said before disappearing into the crowd.

Seven browsed through the stalls, not noticing that he had wandered up to the higher level catwalks. They spiraled around in circles and crisscrosses making it difficult to realize when one had ascended a level. Before he realized it, he was high above the ground, lost, and had no clue where Basalt was. He wandered around in a slight panicked confusion.


Chapter 6 – Page 5

“Shall we go?” Basalt asked. Seven nodded.

“Alright, off we go, then. HOLD ON!” he yelled as he hoisted Seven up by the waist and took a flying leap off the edge of the terrace. Basalt whooped in delight as they fell. Seven screamed his head off while trying to hold on for dear life.

Basalt landed nimbly on a passing flying bus, taking a few running steps to absorb the force of the fall. Seven had slipped out of Basalt’s hands during the landing. He rolled uncomfortably close to the edge of the moving vehicle. He stared terrified at that dizzying view several hundred feet in the air. His stomach churned, and the contents forced its way up and over the edge. Seven scrambled away.

“How was your first taste of car hopping? Fun, wasn’t it?”

“Why would you do that? I practically died! Did you see that? Did you see how close I came to the edge? You dropped me!”

“You looked like you were having fun to me. See, I knew you’d enjoy it.” Basalt waltzed over and helped Seven stand up.

“No way!”

“Well then, you’re gonna love this!” Basalt snatched Seven up by the waist.

Seven squirmed around in his arms while screeching, “NonononoNONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” as he leapt off the edge once more.