Some thoughts on life

Life is hard. I feel like it’s going to only get harder. It makes me feel pretty unsure of myself, but I do have the feeling that if I take things one step at a time, I’ll be able to make it through it. 

I just have to keep in mind that I am always changing. Never am I the same person, so the person I want to be, really I only have to keep looking at it, and eventually I’ll get there. 

It’s the whole idea of you only make a good goal when you’re looking at it. 

Never think that you’re stuck being who you are. Never think you’re not strong enough. Never think you’re not worth anything, and never think your past self was better than you are now. Because then you’re looking at the opponent’s goal when you go to make a shot. You’ll only shoot against yourself. 

Your past self isn’t you, will never be you, and never will your future self. You are you in this very moment, and you are changing fast. Never doubt that. You are a beautiful, coursing river. So, just ride the waves a little longer and you’ll change yourself and the world. 


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