Train Station

Here I am just sittin’,
Sittin’ by the train station,
Waitin’ until 3:00.
Time is goin’ slowly.
I am countin’ my heartbeats;
A rhythm goin’ tick tick tock.

Got a little letter
Tellin’ me to meet you here
On a Wednesday afternoon.
Time is gettin’ closer.
I’ll wait a little longer,
‘Til I see that handsome you.

I’m not imaginin’,
The scene that I am seein’:
You leavin’ the west bound train,
I see your cheeky smile
Lightin’ up your sparklin’ eyes,
Hair all wet from mistin’ rain.

I jump up from my seat,
And run a little faster.
Pick me up and spin me ’round,
And I’ll whisper to you
That I’m glad you got back safe.
I squeeze you without a sound.

Tell me that you love me
And say you’ll never leave me.
I’ll smile from head to toe.
Been waitin’ forever,
And now I get to see you,
I’m never lettin’ you go.

How I’m glad I waited,
Sittin’ by the train station
For you to come back to me.
I’m countin’ your heartbeats,
I rest my head on your chest,
It’s the place I’m meant to be.


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