Month: December 2016


I am exhausted
to the depths very of my soul.
I wore and tore and
broke a long time ago.

And now I feel it
with everyday that I wake.
I break down some more
with every step that I take.

Sometimes I worry
So much that I fumble
That I’ll break down so much
I’ll up and just crumble.

I’ll make it though
Maybe just maybe.
With one step at a time,
And one thought just daily.


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Train Station

Here I am just sittin’,
Sittin’ by the train station,
Waitin’ until 3:00.
Time is goin’ slowly.
I am countin’ my heartbeats;
A rhythm goin’ tick tick tock.

Got a little letter
Tellin’ me to meet you here
On a Wednesday afternoon.
Time is gettin’ closer.
I’ll wait a little longer,
‘Til I see that handsome you.

I’m not imaginin’,
The scene that I am seein’:
You leavin’ the west bound train,
I see your cheeky smile
Lightin’ up your sparklin’ eyes,
Hair all wet from mistin’ rain.

I jump up from my seat,
And run a little faster.
Pick me up and spin me ’round,
And I’ll whisper to you
That I’m glad you got back safe.
I squeeze you without a sound.

Tell me that you love me
And say you’ll never leave me.
I’ll smile from head to toe.
Been waitin’ forever,
And now I get to see you,
I’m never lettin’ you go.

How I’m glad I waited,
Sittin’ by the train station
For you to come back to me.
I’m countin’ your heartbeats,
I rest my head on your chest,
It’s the place I’m meant to be.

Dying Man’s Game

We steadily crash and burn, don’t we,
Until our lives are through.
Our engine lights are blinking,
And no one knows what to do.

So scream in panic and run in circles
With this flimsy hope – any good it’ll do –
A fake belief that it’ll fix itself,
A miracle that never seems to come true.

In this crazy, heated atmosphere,
No one thinks to abandon ship.
And while I couldn’t tell you why,
Maybe it’s our pride that has a death grip.

They say a captain holds on ’til the end,
And his crew’ll follow him anywhere.
Honor before life in this dying man’s game,
In this fight against death, a dare.

What good will it do if you don’t
Even try to fix what is easily repaired?
Like not looking to see the shore ten miles off,
The sea seeping in gets you scared.

My lack of motivation is my mind
In shock at the things hysteria makes you do.
The water isn’t deep, you could walk off to shore,
Yet you just sit and choose not to move.


There’s a loneliness I wallow in.
It rises up from time to time.
It’s something that I swallow in,
and it slowly turns to grime.

There’s a pain I keep from pouring out,
But it rises like the tide.
It’s something that keeps tearing out
Of the patches that I hide.

There’s an emptiness I keep within
That slowly turns me black.
It’s something that will seep within,
When I gradually start to crack.

Chapter 5 – Page 6

Lex looked up as Mevin entered the room.

“You look sour. Don’t be mad at Seven. It was just an accident. Though, I probably shouldn’t let a kid wander around on second thought. Haha, sorry,” Lex rubbed his head.

“Just mad that we got noticed.”

“Half the time we get noticed anyway. You know open land like this doesn’t go well with a stealth cloak. Adding a turret beacon to the mix doesn’t change very much.”

“Fine. What have we got?”

“Wow, you really are sour today. Make up with Seven soon, okay?” Mevin shot him a glare.

“Hime, I’m not a middle schooler with a grudge. Shut up, will you? You’ve got worse things to worry about than my attitude.”

“Alright alright. Offa, you see anything yet?”

“Something moved on the radar a second ago.”

“What’s it look like?”

“So far, only a blip about fifty miles southwest. A bit too far to pick up anything more. Considering how these groups usually work though, that’ll be a big ship.”


Chapter 5 – Page 5

Seven frowned. It seemed most wars started with greed, didn’t it? Even the one happening right at this moment. Someone’s, or more accurately, several someones’ greed had sparked it. He felt a strange sort of relatability that caused him to give a twisted grin. His very existence was only because of someone’s greed.

The door to the turret cockpit suddenly slid open. Seven jumped and lost control of the interweb’s electromagnetic waves. Without thinking, he grabbed for them to accidentally grab the turret’s waves instead. It’s startup sequence began.

A hand roughly seized him from behind and pulled him out of the cockpit. He landed heavily on the ground.

“What are you doing?!” Mevin glared down at him. Seven scooted backwards until he hit the wall of the hallway.

“I didn’t mean to turn it on. It was an accident.”

“That,” Mevin said, “just alerted anyone within ten miles that we’re here, armed and possibly dangerous. If we’re unlucky, they’ll have begun swarming after us now, hoping to rob anything valuable we have aboard. Our cloak is useless now! Because you just happened to start it up, and without the proper screening either!”

He reached in and shut the sequence down.


Chapter 5 – Page 4

Biscotti was smaller than Seven had thought. Every inch of space was taken into account. Bedrooms were only a few paces wide, and hallways were narrow. Even major rooms like the bridge, the mess hall, and the navigation theater could only hold a few people at a time. The sole exception was the engine room, which sat in the back of the ship. But even then, it was more tall than wide, spanning three of the ship’s four floors. It made for a strange contrast with the rest of the ship. Then again, the bridge was strange enough for being the only room on the forth floor.

Seven felt cramped and underfoot. Immediately after leaving the bridge, he bumped into at least eight different people moving about the ship’s interior. No matter where he stood, he always seemed to be in someone’s way.

He wasn’t sure how he felt about it. All his life he had been the center of attention. Or at least, his abilities and physique had been. His thoughts and feelings, less so. When that overwhelming amount of attention hadn’t been piled on him,  he had always been placed in an isolated corner, a specific spot he was meant to reside until he was sought after once more.



There lived a boy called Bell,
Who was taken away.
Into a small, dark corner
He was made to stay.

Once he broke silence.
A pure song he sang out.
Only, then, for many days
They made him ring out.

They called the coroner
On a dreary, dismal night
When they found him
Worn down and eyes without light.


Lotus Flower

Here I find you,
Oh little lotus flower,
Basking in the mud.
How did you come to be here,
All covered in blood?

It smells strongly,
Little lotus flower,
It smells strongly of pain.
Just what have you gone through
While trying to keep sane?

It seems such,
Little lotus flower,
That you’ve been exploited.
They come for you often,
So much that you’ve wilted.

How have you survived,
Oh little lotus flower,
Through all the abuse?
How can you not crumble
And break down from use?

I would rescue you,
Little lotus flower,
From the pain torment demands,
But I would have to bend
And then dirty my hands.


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Chapter 5 – Page 3 

“Lex. You can let go of my hand now. It kinda hurts.”

“Oh, right sorry.” Lex hurriedly let go of Seven’s hand. “H-how are you feeling, kid? You’re not hurt are you?”

“I’m fine,” Seven said. An awkward silence spread out between them.

“Um, I-” “Well, if you-” They both began to say at the same time.

“Sorry,” Lex said, “you go first.”

“Uh, well. It’s just. Lex! I wanted to say thank you! With-with out you, I’d still be back at the compound, and I’m not sure how much longer I could’ve lasted. But you came and, well I wanted to say thanks and everything so… Thank You!” Seven bowed his head towards Lex. He felt his face heating up.

Lex looked away in embarrassment. “Sure thing, kid. It wasn’t anything you needed to thank me for.”