Break Down And Bare It

Battle fields and
Back door tactics
Take a man down.
He is beaten blue,
Within an inch of his life,
And Delirious.

Don’t retreat.
Don’t show your back.
You’ll take a shot of you do.

It’s impossible to stand,
To stay conscious,
Or to steady yourself.
Slowly, surely,
You are sinking,
Submerged in
Psychotic fear.

Break down points
And bloody noses
Greet a man daily.
He rides it through
With a stubborn streak,
But only just barely.

Bend your knees.
Bow your head.
Take your beating quietly.

If you can,
Grin and bare it.
Grin and bare it as you
Grit your teeth, frustrated.
Give up and just
Grind your hope to dust.
Guts will only get you killed.

This worthless life
Will break a man down.
Don’t turn your back to it.
You’ll break if you do.
Sink quietly, quietly
Deep deep down.

Breathe through life
If only just barely.
Get rid of that spine.
Take your beating quietly.
Break open the skin of your palms.
You can only grin and bare it.

Just maybe,
With this,
You might just live
The day through.


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