Chapter 4 – Page 6

Seven found himself sitting on a couch and sipping hot chocolate in Biscotti’s common area. He felt strange. He couldn’t quite take in the situation in which he found himself. He watched as the crew members bustled about. The ship had been flying for about four hours now, and several were either in their cabins or helping out elsewhere.

He heard Barry clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. Blick was asleep on the couch across from him. Juleka kept running around grabbing random equipment and opening different access panels. Her excessive amount of energy made Seven tired. She had a tendency of shouting at the top of her lungs whenever she talked. He wondered how Blick could sleep through it all.

Every once in a while, someone would pop their head in and speak a few sentences to him, mostly about how he was doing. He would force out an adequate reply, and then they would move on.

He wasn’t really in the mood for talking. Or doing anything really. For now, he was content staring at the wall in a sort of daze and taking a sip now and again.

“What are you thinking about?” Seven started. He looked over to find Blick staring at him. When had he woken?

“I’m not,” Seven mumbled.

“Ah.” They sat in silence. Seven returned his gaze to the wall, but he could feel Blick’s eyes on him. It began to grow uncomfortable.

“What? Why are you staring at me?” he finally said.

“No reason.”

“Then, why do you keep doing it? Look somewhere else.”

“No. Don’t feel like it.” Seven scowled at him. Another few seconds past.

“Just stop it! Am I really that strange to look at to you?” He waited for a response, but it never came.

“Stop looking at me! I already know! You don’t have to make it obvious! I’m a monster, alright! No one else is like this. No one can just get shot and walk it off. No one grows up this fast. No one gets born in a lab or treated like a lab rat or… or…” He felt tears begin to slide down his face. “N-no one feels happy about murdering someone, feels glad that they did it, or relieved that he’s dead. I’m nothing more than a monster. You don’t have to tell me.”

Seven broke down. He cried the hardest he had ever in his life. It came with great heaving sobs and shuddering that wracked his whole body.

Blick continued to watch as the boy cried. He made no move, but he was well aware that others had gathered silently outside the room. He could feel their need to rush in and comfort the kid. He flashed them a signal to stay put. That wasn’t what Seven needed right now.

“So what?” He said. Seven froze.

“I said, so what? You think you’re the only one with problems?” Blick felt several people outside tense up in anger at his words. “You think you’re oh so special? That everyone else’s lives are hunky dory? Suck it up kid.”

“You! What do you know?” Seven yelled. Blick suddenly stood up.

“Me? I know nothing. I only killed someone when I was seven. I only saw my father and the rest of my family shot right in front of me. I only joined a child army and murdered hundreds of innocents for pointless reasons and stupid politics. But you know what? I enjoyed it anyway. No, I don’t know anything. So tell me, kid, if I’m not a monster, then what is?”

He stormed out of the room and forced his way past the people crowding the door way. He shot them death glares when the tried to criticize his words. Heva took command of the group and pushed people away from the common area.

“You’ve all got jobs to do,” she said. “No need to loiter around here.”

“Heva, but Blick-” Sven said.

“Leave them both be. They need space. Seven especially. He’s been through a lot. Crowding him won’t help at all.” With that, she shooed the group off, and then entered the room.

Seven sat in shock. He wasn’t expecting either his or Blick’s sudden outbursts.

“Don’t mind Blick,” Heva said.


“It’s just his way of telling you not to be so hard on yourself.” Seven stared at her. Heva sighed and sat down next to him.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been selfish, haven’t I?” Seven said.

“Selfish? I think you’ve had every right to be, if that’s what you call selfish. You haven’t had very many chances to let your feelings out, have you? It’s fine to let them come bursting out. It’s healthy.”

“Oh.” Seven fiddled with the handle of his mug. Heva waited until he spoke again.

“What happened to Blick? He called himself a monster.”

“Blick, he… Well, he’s had a hard life, too. Many of the Cakemen have. Lex can’t help but pick up strays after all.” Seven’s eyes urged her on.

“Blick grew up in Mumbia. In India. His father owed a debt to the local mafia, and eventually, the debt grew so big that he couldn’t pay. So, one day, a man from the mafia killed his father, his mother, and his older sister, but not before raping both of them. And they did it in front of him. He was hiding at the time. His mother put him in the fire place and covered him in ashes.”

Heva fell silent for a moment before continuing on.

“After it was over, Blick followed the man. He followed him until he was stumbling drunk in an alley and slit his throat. With no where else to go, Blick joined the children’s army, and that’s where I met him. The Little Black Hawks, they called us.”

She turned to him.

“I won’t ask you about your story. Just know that Blick, no, everyone here, we want you to know that you’re not alone anymore. We all have our pasts. But that doesn’t define who we are. We are what we make ourselves to be. Don’t let guilt or your past get the better of you.”

She sighed once more and stood up, reaching over to help Seven up as well.

“It’s probably bed time for you. Been a rough day for all of us. Come, let’s find Lex to see where you’re sleeping.”



“Can you tell Blink thanks?” Heva nodded.


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AN- sorry, this got really real.

Also changing the chapter title to Biscotti. The war isn’t exactly prevalent right now, so saving that title until later. Plus, I just like the ship name. hehe.


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