Month: November 2016

Break Down And Bare It

Battle fields and
Back door tactics
Take a man down.
He is beaten blue,
Within an inch of his life,
And Delirious.

Don’t retreat.
Don’t show your back.
You’ll take a shot of you do.

It’s impossible to stand,
To stay conscious,
Or to steady yourself.
Slowly, surely,
You are sinking,
Submerged in
Psychotic fear.

Break down points
And bloody noses
Greet a man daily.
He rides it through
With a stubborn streak,
But only just barely.

Bend your knees.
Bow your head.
Take your beating quietly.

If you can,
Grin and bare it.
Grin and bare it as you
Grit your teeth, frustrated.
Give up and just
Grind your hope to dust.
Guts will only get you killed.

This worthless life
Will break a man down.
Don’t turn your back to it.
You’ll break if you do.
Sink quietly, quietly
Deep deep down.

Breathe through life
If only just barely.
Get rid of that spine.
Take your beating quietly.
Break open the skin of your palms.
You can only grin and bare it.

Just maybe,
With this,
You might just live
The day through.


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Chapter 5 – Page 1

“Hime, you lazy roat! Get up. You sleep like a hog. It’s noon already,” Mevin said as he ripped Lex’s blanket off.

“Five more minutes,” Lex groaned as he waved Mevin off.

“Nope, not going to happen. Now get up before I dump this bucket of ice water on your head.” Lex bolted up. He glared at the bucket in Mevin’s hands.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would. I still haven’t gotten my revenge on you threatening my pay yesterday.” He held the bucket aloft in a position to launch its contents.

“Stop! I’m up. I’m up. Why are you attacking me this morning?”

“Two things. We’re in sight of the boarder wall, and, well it’d be better if you just see it. Seven’s having a bit of a problem. And I’m not attacking you.”

“Where is he?” Lex said as he stood up. He grabbed a shirt and combed his hair with his hand. Then, he headed out of the bedroom.


Chapter 4 – Page 7

They found Lex in Biscotti’s navigation theater. He was carefully charting the ship’s course on the holoscreens while researching weather forecasts and projecting recent events.

“Is that Moscow?” Seven asked as he and Heva walked in. Lex turned to them.

“Yeah, it is. Surprising, right?”

“I thought it would be more…”

“You would think, huh? But no, it looks perfectly normal after the nuke. Only way to tell it even got hit is all the bodies that collapsed where they stood. It’s almost scarier that way.” Seven could only nod.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s good.”


Chapter 4 – Page 6

Seven found himself sitting on a couch and sipping hot chocolate in Biscotti’s common area. He felt strange. He couldn’t quite take in the situation in which he found himself. He watched as the crew members bustled about. The ship had been flying for about four hours now, and several were either in their cabins or helping out elsewhere.

He heard Barry clanging pots and pans in the kitchen. Blick was asleep on the couch across from him. Juleka kept running around grabbing random equipment and opening different access panels. Her excessive amount of energy made Seven tired. She had a tendency of shouting at the top of her lungs whenever she talked. He wondered how Blick could sleep through it all.

Every once in a while, someone would pop their head in and speak a few sentences to him, mostly about how he was doing. He would force out an adequate reply, and then they would move on.

He wasn’t really in the mood for talking. Or doing anything really. For now, he was content staring at the wall in a sort of daze and taking a sip now and again.


Chapter 4 – Page 5

“Josem, grab Seven,” Lex said. Josem nodded and scooped Seven up. The group of mercenaries ran at a fast pace through the snow covered forest. Seven grunted as he bounce around on Josem’s shoulder.

“Basalt, how is Venny holding out? Can he make it?”

“It’ll be rough on him, but he should be fine.”

“Mevin, how far’s our bird?”

“We’ll hit it in a little over fifteen minutes at this speed.”

“Did you ever get around to installing that remote control feature? Those fighters aren’t going to stay in Pandora very long. If those roats haven’t left by now, they’re gonna be maggot bags.”


Chapter 4 – Page 4

“No wait! That wasn’t… I didn’t… It just…an accident! It was an accident! I didn’t mean… I didn’t do it! Really, I didn’t… please… Just… could you forget about it?” Seven panicked.  He shrunk back as every eye bored into him.

He hadn’t meant to expose his weird ability. He had successfully kept it a secret this whole time, and in one moment of relaxation, he let it slip. Now, he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. When Pandora found out that he could defy gravity, it only made his life worse. He was worried that these people might do the same.

He stared with wide, fearful eyes as Lex made his way over to him. When the man reached Seven, he knelt down, making himself a level lower than the boy. Seven flinched when Lex looked up into his eyes.


Chapter 4 – Page 3

Seven’s face paled. Murderer, a voice echoed in his head. He shivered.

“Perk up, kid. No need to be scared. No one there’d mess with Hime. He’s got connections,” Sven said as he slapped Seven on the back. “Here let me help you up.” He grabbed hold of Seven’s wrist and pulled hard. Seven was launched a couple of feet, and he stumbled to regain his balance.

“Connections?” Seven said.

“Ever heard of Ahmed Mubai?” Josem asked. Seven shook his head. “Major crime lord. King of the Camellia House Mafia Group. Owes Hime here a favor.”

“And I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use it. The man’s mad. Never know how breathe around him. More trouble than he’s worth. Ug, I’ve been avoiding India for years simply because of him. Let’s move. We still have to get to our launch point by dark. Here kid, put these on. It’s going to be a long walk.” He threw over a heavy coat and a pair of thick boots before marching off. The people around him began to move.


Chapter 4 – Page 2

Seven stood in a large field. Wind flowed past him, making the long grasses sway like waves. It was quiet except for the wind. He briefly thought it strange. His whole life there had always been something buzzing in the background. He tried to pull up his blue screen, but nothing happened. 

“&%$*#:@,” a sweet voice called out. It was a name, he realized. His own name. Not a number, a real name. If only he could have heard it clearly. He turned towards the voice and saw Alicia standing a ways behind him. Suddenly, he was very little. He cried in delight and ran towards her. 

“Mama!” he laughed as he wrapped his short arms around her leg. She chuckled and ruffled his hair before planting a kiss on his head. 

“How are you, my little imp? Did you have a good day?”

“It was scary, but Mama’s here, so it’s okay now,” he showed her a toothy grin.  (more…)


People may call me naive, 
And that much is true.
I haven’t seen much of this world,
Nor do I know much of you.

I don’t know of the wars
That rage off in far places,
Or of the cruelty beneath
Pleasant smiles on faces.

Call me naive. I admit
I’ve been coddled.
Raised by good parents,
But with emotions all bottled.

I don’t know how to speak,
Not of my deep dwelling pits,
The ones rising to plague me
When reality hard hits.

I’m trying my hardest
To work with my short comings,
To slowly stumble forward
Despite my misgivings.

Call me naive. I don’t
Really know where to go,
What to do with my life
Or if it’s alright to say no.

You can’t really blame me.
Life has no manual, though,
What I choose to believe,
That I won’t let you cull.

People call me naive,
And I’ll even freely admit it,
But I know myself best
So you better off quit it. 

Fear and Anxiety

I dredge upon the soul
And bask in the mire.
I pour out the years
And sweep up the ire.

I tear out a hole
And string up my lyre.
I drink up your tears
And burn up the pyre.

I haunt in the forest
And darken your dreams.
I break into pieces
And slip through the seams.

I begin to infest
And chew through the beams.
I make all the creases
And rip out the reams. 


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