Chapter 3 – Page 4

Andan admired his handiwork. Julia was still alive, barely. Her limbs were twisted and mangled and several fingers had been ripped off. Thin scratches from his knife covered her body. Her neck had a large gash from which her life blood slowly drained and puddled around her body. It was beautiful. Her breath came in slow, ragged gasps, and she struggled to say something. It made her seem even more lovely. He leaned over and placed a finger on her lips.

“Hush, it will be alright,” he said. “I’m here. You don’t have to worry about a thing.” A bit of life returned to her eyes, and she shied away from him. The action caused her to make a pained noise as blood rushed out quicker. Andan smirked.

Then, he heard a sound from above him. He turned and looked up. Something fell. As it passed by, it clipped his forehead, and his knife slipped out of his hands. The skin split open, and blood rushed down, flooding his dominate eye. He growled at the stinging pain and attempted wipe the blood away to no avail. Andan searched for what had hit him. He found Seven staring back at him in horror.

“You!” Andan raged. Seven scooted backwards as fast as he could. Then, he noticed the prone, blood covered Julia behind the sergeant.

“Y-you killed her?” Andan looked at her. She really was dead now. Her heart stopped beating, and the blood from her neck slowed to a trickle. Andan was angry. He had missed the best part. The whole point of it was to watch that last little bit of light fade from her eyes, and this thing made him miss it! He pulled his gun and swirled on Seven, immediately pulling the trigger.

Those two long years of lessons with Andan had made dodging an instinct for Seven. He used the walls, the ceiling, anything as a platform to get out of the gun’s path. Fear raced through him. The only thing he could think about was to dodge. Andan grew angrier as he found it impossible to put a bullet through him. It didn’t help that the blood pouring into his eye hindered his aim.

A loud sound filled the room, and both of them froze. One of Andan’s bullets had punctured a hole in Alicia’s tank. They watched as water began pouring about of the hole. Several more cracks formed because of the pressure. Then, in a burst of water and flying glass, the tank shattered. Alicia’s body flowed out along with the water and settled on the ground near Andan’s feet.

Both of them were drenched by the torrent of water and had several lacerations from the shattered glass. Andan got the worst of it. He had been closer to the tank than Seven. With a shaky hand, the man reached up and touched his non-dominate eye. Sticking out of it was an inch thick shard of glass. It had completely tore up his eye. Andan screamed. At the moment, he was completely blind. The cut on his forehead steadily bleed, continuing to obscure his vision, and now his other eye had a piece of glass sticking out of it. In rage and pain, he whirled about in a blind search for Seven.

“Where are you, boy?” he yelled. “I’m going to kill you!” Seven cowered in fear. Andan took a step and tripped over Alicia’s body. He stumbled slightly, dropping his gun. He instantly whipped out one of his two other guns and blindly shot Alicia several times in the face. Bone shattered and fragments flew. She was now unrecognizable. Seven felt his body slowly grow cold.

“Mom?” Andan spun around and put a bullet through his shoulder just below his collarbone. Seven was oblivious to the pain. He could only see Alicia’s body at Andan’s feet. That was his mom. She was perfect and beautiful, glorified in Seven’s imagination. Though, he had never met her in life, she had filled his heart due to the kinship of shared experiences. To him, what Andan had just done had killed her. Burning fury consumed him.

“Mom!” he screamed as he rushed low to the ground at Andan, scooping up the man’s discarded knife along the way. More bullets shot towards him. He dodged and bounced up to the ceiling. Pushing off, he increased his weight and shot down towards the sergeant. It was the first he ever attempted to attack Andan. He felt his knife slide through the muscles of the man’s back, tearing them open. Andan grunted in pain, and another bullet pierced into the flesh beside Seven’s hip.

Seven screamed and stabbed Andan in the ribs. He felt the knife graze a bone as it continued to slip on through. It had been a very lucky stab. Not only did it puncture the lungs, but it had nicked Andan’s heart. Seven ripped it out and stabbed him again.This time, the knife glanced of a rib, leaving only a slight gash, but by then, Andan had already fallen to his knees.

Andan could hardly breathe. His lung had collapsed and blood was pouring out of his side. Still, he pulled up his gun and pointed it in the general direction of Seven. He pulled the trigger. The bullet completely missed. The man slumped to the ground.

Seven tore the gun from Andan’s hand and aimed it at his head. The boy took a few shuddering breaths. He glanced at Alicia, then screamed as he shot the man. The bullet slammed into his skull. Seven pulled the trigger again, but it clicked and clicked and clicked. The gun was empty. He grabbed the other gun and unloaded into Andan’s head. He was sobbing by the end of it.

Seven threw up. He stared at Andan’s body, then the gun in his hand in disgust. He threw it as far across the room as he could. Then, he crawled over to Alicia and cradled her ice cold hand in his. Tears ran down his face. He sat there shivering for a long while.

His blue screen popped up suddenly in his vision. It was a message from Lex.

We’re here.

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AN- This was a really intense chapter for me. As much as I really hated Andan Bach, I also really liked him. Weirdly, he’s been one of my favorite characters I’ve written so far. Maybe, it’s because I love to hate him. Well, I’ll have to say good bye to him now. He’s truly gone and dead. Tell me your thoughts about this character. I’d been interested to know.


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