Chapter 2 – Page 6

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Seven touched the rock, and it shifted slightly in the air. He pressed down on it, feeling it resist his efforts to touch it to his palm. What the heck was this? What kind of rock defies gravity?

He did a quick search for anything similar to it on the interweb, but he only came up with things out of the supernatural like supposed poltergeists moving pencils through the air and other similar hoaxes. Nothing else really stuck out.

He started it bouncing once more about the room, watching it’s path through the air. It was kind of fun, and it almost looked like it was in zero gravity. Where did it come from, though? Seven looked around the room. There wasn’t any obvious places it could have come from. Maybe the air vent? He moved his head to look closer at it.

From the slight movement of his head, a distortion stood out in the corner of his eye. If he hadn’t moved, he wouldn’t have seen it at all. It was floating about eye level about a foot from the wall near the end of his bed. Looking directly at it, he almost couldn’t even see it, but there was a definite slight warp to the air at that place.

Seven crawled closer to it, looking through it to see how the background distorted as if through a fisheye lens. It made him feel disoriented and a bit nauseous. He reached up and put his hand through it and was horrified to find his hand had disappeared. Quickly, he pulled it out, breathing in relief when it reappeared. He took a few seconds to calm his shaking before repeating the process a little more calmly.

Was it some kind of portal? What was it doing here?  He reached through it again, this time feeling around. It didn’t really feel like much, just empty space. It felt weird moving his hand around and not being able to see it. Then, something brushed against the back of his hand. It felt light and cold. If Seven had known what snowflakes had felt like, that’s how he would have described it. Several of whatever they were touched his hand, making him shiver. It felt good, though, so he sat for a while with his hand through the warp feeling the little things flurry against his skin.

Finally, he pulled his hand out and looked at it. Little dots covered his hand. They looked white, but at the same time they looked black. Somehow, they were both colors at once. As, Seven stared at them, they started lifting into the air like ash and dissolving into nothing. The portal then faded away as well.

What was going on? Where did it go? Seven waved his hand through the place the warp had been. It really was gone. Then, he remembered the stone. Was it gone, too? No, it was still there. It had come to a rest floating in a corner of the ceiling. He threw his pillow and knocked it spinning closer to the ground. He cupped it into his palms and watched it as it spun.

Suddenly, Seven heard the door woosh open, and he panicked. He stuffed the rock into his mouth, only to accidentally swallow it.

“Seven, you’re up! That’s good, that’s very good. How are you feeling? You seem to be doing much better…” Johan trailed off. He noticed that the boy was making strange movements almost like he was trying to swim upright in nonexistant water. Confused, his gazed traveled down the boy’s body, only to stare in shock at his feet which were swinging six inches off the ground. The boy was floating.

“Jo! Jo, help! Help me. I can’t stop it. Help. Please. I can’t feel the ground! I can’t move, Jo! I’m going to disappear!” Seven said with the beginnings of hysteria. Johan rushed over and latched onto the boy. He was startled again. Seven was extremely light, almost like he didn’t have any weight. No wonder he felt like he was going to disappear. To suddenly feel your weight vanish, it must feel like you were slipping away into nothing. Seven was beginning to hyperventilate.

“Seven. Seven, calm down. It’s alright. I’ve got you. You’re not going to disappear.”

“Jo, make it stop! Make it stop. Please. The rock. It’s inside me. Make it go away!” Seven almost screamed as he clung to Johan for dear life.

“A rock? What rock? Calm down. Take deep breaths, and then tell me about this rock.” Seven did as he was told. He gulped air as he tried to take several shuddering breaths.

“A rock. It came here. Just appeared out of nowhere. And it floated, Jo, it floated. And there was a portal. Cold stuff inside. Then, it was gone and you came and I swallowed the rock. It was an accident. I didn’t mean to, Jo, I swear. Jo, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll be good now. Make it stop, please, just make me stop!” He started to become hysterical again, and to Johan, he wasn’t making any sense. Johan started to panic as well. How do you calm a floating boy? He didn’t know what to do, so he tried the only thing he could. He tried to talk Seven out of it.

“Seven, listen to me. You’re heavy, you hear. You’re not light, you’re heavy, so heavy you sink to the ground, you got that? You’re not going to float away, so just keep telling yourself that you’re heavy,” as he spoke, Johan felt the boy become heavier and heavier. By the end of it, Seven was so heavy that Johan couldn’t support his weight anymore, and they both crashed to the ground.

“There, look. You can control it. You’re just fine. Though, maybe be a little lighter next time,” Johan laughed.


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