Chapter 1 – Page 6

A week and a half after he discovered his power and a day after he had learned about the morgue, Seven began planning. Marcy would be coming in three days, and he knew that she was his best bet. But before then, he wanted to run some tests with his powers.

First, he waited until Manti came to bring him dinner. Once Manti was in the room, he made the blue screen appear behind his back. He already found out earlier that he could make the blue screen appear, disappear, or even move however he wanted. He could even make multiple windows.

He knew that it was a risky move. If Manti found out about his power, then all of Pandora would know, and of course, they would try and limit his overwhelming access to knowledge. He knew that knowing too much would make him difficult for them to control him. But this test, he had to know the result. It would mean everything.

When Manti didn’t notice the suspicious glow that emanated from behind his back, Seven gathered more courage. He slowly inched his screen from behind his back as he took a bite of food. Manti continued to watch Seven eat with no obvious reaction to the screen. He would stand there until the boy had finished.

Soon, Seven had the screen out in full view. Either Manti had an amazing poker face, or he couldn’t see the glowing blue screen. Seven broke out into a grin. He was willing to bet that no one but him could see it.

“What are you smiling about?” Manti scowled. It further confirmed Seven’s suspicions.

“Food’s good, ” Seven said as finished his last bite of food. “Here. You can take the tray now.”

Manti grunted. He scooped up the tray and left the room.

Three days later, Marcy came for Seven’s monthly mental checkup.

Marcy always seemed strangely distracted to him. Today was no different. Following her out of his room would be a cinch. He patiently sat through all of her tests, a bit nervous about his upcoming escape attempt. Marcy didn’t seem to notice. Seven thought for the first time that she was rather incompetent at her job. Just what was distracting her?

Suddenly, he had a thought. He didn’t know why he didn’t think of it before. The meta-link, she must be messing with her meta-link.

He had read about the meta-link a few days ago and found that one thing it did was connected people to the Interweb. That gave him an idea. Could he connect to Marcy’s meta-link?

After a few failed attempts, Seven found a path that allowed him into Marcy’s link. He nearly cried for joy. This was a huge find. Now that he could connect to meta-links, he had access to everything they had seen. This put him at a huge advantage. Everyone in Pandora had a link. Well, everyone except Jo. That old fogey.

Only, he was a bit dumbfounded. Marcy was playing the link app, Furious Figs. What kind of idiot plays a game while doing a checkup on a patient? Did she do this every time she came? Seven didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Because of this, following her out the door was even easier than he had expected.

Finding his way to the morgue was a bit difficult before he figured out that he could pull up the security camera feed for all of the compound as well as the building’s blueprints. This had the added bonus of him being able to keep to the security camera’s blind spots. He soon found out it wasn’t much of a bonus when he came to his third security camera. Unlike the first two, it didn’t have a blind spot that allowed him to pass through undetected.

Slowly figuring out aspects of his power allowed Seven to realized something. His power wasn’t just the practicality of being able to connect to the internet through the blue screen. A lot of the time it was instinctual, with lots of tugging and pulling at the electromagnetic waves he sometimes caught glimpses of when he was concentrating. If he pulled and pushed hard enough at these, sometimes it would produce better results than searching with the blue screen.

This instance was once such case. In frustration at not being able to move forward, he angrily tugged at the feed coming from the camera and shoved it back into it. Contrary to his weak expectations of the camera blowing up in a shower of sparks or doing nothing at all, Seven found that the camera’s feed began to loop back on itself. He smiled at the happy accident and waltzed down the hall. The camera showed the same empty hall it always had.

Seven’s discovery made making his way to the morgue much easier. Whenever he came across a security camera, he’d use the same trick of making the feed loop. It made him feel extremely pleased with himself. Yeah, he was a great spy.

When he found the door that led into the morgue, he felt nervous. He was scared to open the door. He didn’t know what he’d find. The morgue was one of the rooms that didn’t have a security camera installed.

Seven took a deep breath and opened up the door. His heart skipped a beat when he found seven bodies floating in yellow-green liquid containers. Six of them were little, looking to be two or three years old. He knew those were his siblings. The name plaques in front of the tubes confirmed it. The seventh was a pale woman with white hair. Her plaque read Alicia Whitehill. Seven walked over and stood in front of her tube. Looking up at her, he noticed the multitude of scar tissue covering her body.

“Y-you’re my mom, right?” he said. “Pandora kidnapped you to make me, to make all of us. You never knew about me. You were long dead before I was born.” Seven felt himself choke up.

“Would you have loved me if you had known me?” A silent tear slipped down his face.

Suddenly, the door creaked open. Seven spun around to see a surprised Johan Hektate.

“Seven? What are you doing here?”


End of Chapter 1

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