Month: August 2016

Chapter 2 – Page 4

Seven was having an incredibly hard time waking up. Every time he came close, pain would swamp him, and he would slip back into unconsciousness. When he finally woke up, he found that he was sore. Not sore as in working out for a few hours or lifting some heavy boxes, sore as in it felt like his body was on fire. He could hardly move, and doing so made his limbs turn to jelly and shot sharp stabs of pain through his nerves.

All of his body’s wiring was fried. Some places felt overly numb. Others were tingling fiercely like they had grudges against him. Mostly, it hurt just laying there, and now that he was fully awake, there was no way on this planet that he could fall asleep again. So, Seven laid there on his bed confused and fuming.

He was mad. He was mad at stupid Andan Bach for showing up out of nowhere and ordering him to be strapped to a chair and treated like a lightning rod. Mad at Director Nero for acting friendly with the stupid Bach. Mad at the scientists who kept their distance, and the fact that he couldn’t even curse their unknown names. Mad at Johan, the Johan who was the only one who ever smiled at him. Who brought him little trinkets and sweet things. Who joked with him and got mad at him like dads got mad at their kids. Who betrayed him and let Andan do those things to him and would probably keep letting the stupid man do whatever he wanted.




Someday, I’ll see the world outside.
Someday, I’ll know what it’s like
To stand in the sun. To breathe
The fresh air and fly free.

Someday, I’ll get out of here,
Out of this prison atmosphere,
And see the world below
Stretching out as far as I can go.
Someday, I’ll see the world outside.

An Interpretation of Freedom

Free to pursue happiness; to
Remove threats towards you and your family lawfully; to make
Enterprises towards the gaining of wealth; to
Enter into the religion of your choice; to
Declare the direction and extent of your education; to
Obey and honor the laws that have been voted upon; to have the
Motivation to help others.


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