Month: May 2016


How does she do it? I pause to wonder.
A monumental task to be a mother.
Prizes should be given,
Please hand out the awards,
Yet quietly she does it without even a word.
My mother’s quite saintly. Quite beautiful too.
Others must see it. She lights up the room.
That in my heart she’s heroic, or that
Her smile is heaven,
Either way I couldn’t want more,
Rather, I would like to run and shout out galore
‘Scuse me world, but look, here is my mother.
Do you know how wonderful she is? Do you really?
All day, everyday, she cares for us silly.
Yet, for all she’s done, I can’t even express it enough,
Mother, I find you amazing, astounding, without equal.
Am I allowed wanting to hug you, just so we can cuddle?
Mama, you’re bold and brave and kind and gentle.
Am I really so lucky having for a mom such a soul?!
I love you, I love you, oh how I love you, so I ask:
Live long, Mom. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Only, enjoy life and always keep laughing.
Value your trials, you hopes, and you dreams.
Even I know that you can do hard things.
You taught me so much, and I shared just a part
Of the things I thought mattered most, so with this, let me start:
Undoubtedly, mom, you are more than I could’ve ever asked for!
(Really late in posting this. It’s a poem I wrote for my mom on Mother’s Day. Thought I would share it with you guys.) 
(P.S. find the note hidden in the poem. It’s a pretty simple one, but I still think it’s pretty cool.)

Type Writer

Know know know know

I have a broken typewriter,

But that doesn’t mea

That it can repeat type of the past. 

Know know know know 

That more so,

I am the broken type writer. 

I’m the one that repeats thpast. 

Auto-Suggestion poem

You know I was just thinking of getting my hopes up.
You know I was just thinking about you.
The first time I try to get the hang of it,
I don’t know how to make a difference.

I love the way you are,
the way you are so much.
You are the most important thing in my life.
The fact is, I live for today, and I love you.

I don’t think I could be better than the original one.
It was just a little too much,
but it would have been the same thin line.
You know that I don’t have the right to be able to do that.

I just want you to know you can believe in love,
and it is not a bad thing.
I’m not going anywhere.
Anytime you need me, I know what to do.

It’s not even a question about whether the truth is in my head.
There is nothing more to it,
just  ask the most important thing in my life,
and I would hate to see it any other way.

(Wrote this completely using the autocorrect/suggestion function. It’s surprisingly hard to write something sensible. You should try it. :9. )


“Bombakible,” I said with a quarrelgathic grin. “I never thought that you could coragantigin.”

“There’s much you don’t know, my sugumantish friend. I often ganter at the toranavinend.” 

“You ganter?!” I tincooed, “How manticous for a kushmanting. I wish that I could gavin such a mamic thing.” 

His slupulous stare started me shrumpuling, and his face got setuously close. 

“Oh, would you?” he whescously said. “Then, my frumplee, let us meet tonight at the danbunny tree.”

So senell was his smile that I could only nod my head. 


“Tremble,” the little crocodile sang as the sands began to blow. ‘Tis day yet dark enough to want a bit of candle. “I greet the storm for thirst is the one that follows.”

“Come lie with me in this bed of mud, so cold it soothes the skin, and once the storm is over, you know the feeding will begin.”

“Watch,” says the little crocodile as it flashes toothy grins, “I’ll show you a magic show that never really ends.”

“I’ll grow and grow and grow and grow from all the food I swallow whole, and don’t you squeal, because once I’m big enough, it’s you, the audience, that will make my dinner meal.”


Wake the dragon.
Watch it rampage.
Wait a few days
Then put it in a cage.

Play your part.
Play it masterfully.
Both a demon lord
And a heroic entity.

Have two faces.
It’s all a game,
Leading two sides.
Both kings one and the same.

Creating an army
All done with a yawn.
It’s much more fun
To play with one pawn.

One against many.
Let’s see how it fares
Fighting and fighting
‘Til something in it tears.

Toys will break,
And that’s just fine.
A character’s better
Walking on a thin line.

So, play both parts.
Play it masterfully,
Manipulating everyone
To create a good story.


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