Month: March 2016


I may have burned it, the lifespan of the world.
I may have done it on purpose, and with a smile, too.
Will you blame me?
Will scold me and chide me?

Am I only a child in your eyes?

Though this sin I bear is grave,
I know you assume that I’m innocently malicious,
not knowing exactly what it was I did,
and I know you will forgive me.

Really, though, I knew full well the consequence of my actions,
and yet, I chose to do it anyway,

Just to see the world’s, And more importantly,
Your reaction.

Still, I’m disappointed in you.
How can a person be this naive?
It makes me sick.
It would have been better if you wanted to kill me in revenge.

At least then you would acknowledge me.



I bulldozed the garden. 

It was overgrown and dying, with weeds swallowing up everything. 

Whatever you did before really affected it. It grew ravenous. 

I swear. I can’t count the number of times the plants there tried to tear me apart. I wish you wouldn’t experiment like this. I liked that garden. 

It ruined my day having to destroy it, but it was just getting out of control. It’d probably have taken over the city if I had left it. 

Really, don’t do things like that. 


The city blew up in a cloud of smoke beneath him. The cold metal of the tower edge he was sitting on shook slightly from the explosion. He grinned. 

The breeze felt nice, and it was quite a marvelous view. The red glow of the Flames lit up the night perfectly. 

He was in quite a good mood with how everything has worked out so nicely. Even he was surprised at how perfectly everything worked out. It was almost a little boring even. 

Well, he wasn’t one to complain when he could watch such a wonderful scene. It was quite moving actually. 

What You Were Expecting

A rip was torn and the water flowed out, hot and steaming, and tears formed in your eyes. It wasn’t something you were expecting. 

The water flowed down in rivulets and pooled on the floor, and your breath grew more haggard. It was much more than you were expecting. 

You press your hands against the tear, but the water gushes out anyway, and your vision flickers. It was more painful than you were expecting. 

You look down and realize that it wasn’t water, but life you were looking at, and you chuckle. It was more fragile than you were expecting.