The rain… it makes a
Drip, splash, splatter, drip.
Little riverlets weaving, snaking
Down a road, growing, growing into
Puddles, rivers, lakes. Streaming down
Window panes and pouring through
Gutters. A pair of Polk-a-dot
Galoshes, rain boots, three-inch
Deep water, and the reflection stares
Back. Clouds move slowly, bloated, heavy,
Covering the sky, dark, angry, claps of
Thunder, rumble, and a flash. Flinch,
Then a shake, waterlogged hair,
Sending drops flying, falling,
Back to rain, back to the ground.
Staring down, into water, into a mirror,
Into nothing. A sigh… Why are you here?
No, reason, it’s pretty. The carousel
Umbrella passes on by, a steady
Splash, splash of footsteps.
Staring at water,
At Rain.



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