“I Am Human”

If you were to ask me who I am,
I don’t think I could tell you;
Could anyone?

It is so much more than
I’m a lawyer, I’m a nurse;
Much more deep.

People ask, “Is this your true side?”
When difficult situations arise;
They don’t understand.

There’s not just one side
Or one layer that makes someone
Who they are.

It’s their anger, their fear,
Their joy, happiness, and despair;
All their emotions.

It’s their thoughts and actions,
Smart and stupid; their reactions
To their surroundings.

It’s their likes and preferences,
Their dislikes and disgraces, their skew;
Their view of everything.

Their bias and attractions,
Their temptations and values;
Those important things.

Eternity and forever
Is needed to understand a person,
Even if it is myself.

I can’t give you the answer.
I’m still searching it in my own way;
But I know one thing.

Whatever anyone says,
You are unique, perfect in your way,
Always moving forward.

Make many mistakes.
Learn lessons from those mistakes.
Use them as benefits.

Strive to get better,
Strive to be happy, to live fulfilled.
Living is a struggle.

But living with the swirl
Of thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions
Makes us ourselves.

Struggling day by day
To overcome ourselves, better than we were,
Is human nature.

I guess I could say
That at the very base of me
I am human.


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