“Color My Future”

The mirror that I face is my future.
One that I can vaguely see,
And while I long to reach out,
There’s a glass between it and me.

Is my other self as happy,
As I long that I will be.
Did I make my mark on this world
As I painted with colorful glee?

Has my imagination faltered,
Or has it expanded to depths unknown?
All that I have is my creative mind,
And I don’t want it to sink like a stone.

I want to be remembered
By the softness of my glow.
I don’t want to find out later
That not once has my heart ever grown.

The only thing I can do now
Is to color, write, and create,
To fill the world with unblemished thought;
My life is but a blank slate.

I’ll show my future loved ones
The color of my soul’s state
And fill my life with nothing but
the colors people appreciate.

In the end, I want to inspire,
To renew the adventure of life,
In everyone I come in contact with
And maybe shrink their internal strife.

I’ll do this by creating
A succession of art and the like
Piece by piece by detailed piece
Until viewers give an awe-filled sigh.

I’ll make my future family proud
As they see what I have done.
I’ll influence them to create
Masterpieces of their own.

They’ll say at the end of my life
As I stand along with the young
Before the grand mural we created
“She breathes color from her lungs.”

It means I spent every minute
Brightening someone’s day
By being kind and courteous
And spilling color over their life’s grey.

There are two ways I can inspire:
Through my art and my cheerful way,
As I work to better myself
And be like a flower in May.

Someday I’ll reach my future self,
The one that I dream I’ll be.
I hope that when I look back
That dreamt self is really me.

Until then, I’ll work my hardest
To expand my creativity,
To branch out, to meet new people
Until that self is no longer a dream.


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